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New bulk conveyor to revolutionize Port of Bundaberg exports

New bulk conveyor to revolutionize Port of Bundaberg exports
New bulk conveyor to revolutionize Port of Bundaberg exports

The Albanese administration is reinforcing its commitment to bolstering Australia’s domestic manufacturing capabilities, the latest development in this initiative being an inauguration of a new bulk goods conveyor system at the Port of Bundaberg. 

This strategic enhancement is set to significantly improve export prospects for the Wide Bay-Burnett area in Queensland, marking an important advancement in the region’s logistics and trade infrastructure.

Multi-purpose loading facilities 

After extensive testing, the upgraded facilities at the Port of Bundaberg have been launched, featuring a 250-meter conveyor, two transfer towers, and enhancements to the existing ship loading apparatus. These facilities were recently operationalized, evidenced by the initial dispatch of a 22,000-tonne silica sand consignment. 

Produced by Bundaberg’s Sunstate Sands, this shipment is en route to South Korea, where it will be utilized in glass production. 

The new $21.9 million conveyor system at the Port of Bundaberg was financed by collaborating with multiple stakeholders. The Australian government funded most of the project with $17.7 million. Sugar Terminals Limited added $3.2 million, and Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd also invested, showing the Queensland government’s support.

The government says the conveyor will provide competitive and efficient loading facilities for a wide range of bulk minerals and agricultural products – from sands and sugar to light grain and wood pellets.

Minister for regional development Kristy McBain says: “For every business, time is money – which is why we invested over $17 million towards more efficient and multi-purpose loading facilities, enabling a faster exit from the port – which we know is under more demand than ever.” 

Increase throughput in the port 

State member for Bundaberg, Tom Smith, says that the Port of Bundaberg provides exciting opportunities for industry and job growth across the region which this project is an example of. “With a number of other infrastructure projects underway currently at the Port of Bundaberg, I know that our region’s economy is set to grow stronger and stronger as we work as a government with our trading partners to establish further investment opportunities,” says Smith. 

GPC’s CEO, Craig Haymes, adds that the new facilities have the potential to increase existing throughput in the Port of Bundaberg by more than five times and accommodate new products. 

Australia’s ports 

There have been several developments in Australia’s ports in recent months. In January, The Port of Melbourne successfully completed its Webb Dock East Extension project. The aim of the project is to reduce port congestion and allow the port to accommodate larger ships. Webb East is Australia’s first fully automated container terminal. 

IBIS World reports there has been much investment in Australian ports in recent years due to facility expansion. This is as a result of more cargo moving through the country. 

Port of Melbourne, Port of Brisbane, Port of Sydney, and Port of Adelaide are among the country’s major ports. 

Here are some highlights of the port industry in Australia. 

  • More cargo volumes in recent years have meant more demand for cargo-handling services.
  • States that have ferry operations attract business.
  • Larger cargo volumes have boosted revenue growth.

About the author

Sharl is a qualified journalist. He has over 10 years’ experience in the media industry, including positions as an editor of a magazine and Business Editor of a daily newspaper. Sharl also has experience in logistics specifically operations, where he worked with global food aid organisations distributing food into Africa. Sharl enjoys writing business stories and human interest pieces.

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