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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

5 Advantages of Automating Your Delivery Process with Delivery Management Software

5 Advantages of Automating Your Delivery Process
5 Advantages of Automating Your Delivery Process

What are the 5 advantages of automating your delivery process with delivery management software?

Delivery management software is a necessary solution for businesses shipping goods to customers. Businesses are under more pressure than ever to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and speed up shipping procedures as a result of the rising popularity of online shopping.

Statistics show that 61% of customers expect their package to arrive within 1-3 hours of placing an order, and 80% of customers want their goods to arrive the same day.

Using delivery management software to automate the delivery process can have a number of benefits, such as higher productivity, better customer service, reduced costs, and better return handling. We will delve deeper into these benefits in this post and go through how you can get the most out of their delivery management software.

5 Advantages of Automating Your Delivery Process with Delivery Management Software

Increased efficiency

By employing delivery management software to automate the distribution process, businesses may boost productivity and decrease manual errors. Businesses may plan routes, speed up deliveries, track products in real time, and keep an eye on potential problems as packages travel by using automated tracking and scheduling systems. 

Companies can save a ton of time and money by doing this. To arrange the optimal delivery routes for their drivers while taking into account variables like traffic, weather, and delivery dates, for instance, firms can employ computerized scheduling. Automated tracking can assist companies in locating and quickly resolving any transit-related difficulties, such as sluggish delivery or lost goods.

Improved customer service 

Delivery management software can assist improve customer service by giving consumers real-time tracking information on their purchases. Through the use of prompt tracking updates and transparent communication, trust may be built and client satisfaction may increase. 

Businesses can use delivery management software to quickly address any issues that arise in the course of delivery, such as lost goods or late deliveries. Using delivery management software, businesses may, for example, automatically notify customers of tracking updates and delivery reminders, keeping them informed about the status of their goods and reducing the possibility that they would grow irritated or confused. 

Businesses can utilize the program to track customer feedback and swiftly address any problems or concerns, further enhancing the client experience.

Enhanced decision making

Making data-driven judgments is one benefit of automating the distribution process with delivery management software. Businesses can utilize the reporting and analytics features of the program to keep an eye on key performance indicators including delivery time, package loss, and customer satisfaction. 

Businesses can use this information to decide how to run their shipping operations and to pinpoint areas that need improvement. Using delivery management software, for instance, businesses can monitor delivery timings to see patterns or trends that can point to a problem, such as a history of frequently delayed deliveries along a specific route or with a specific carrier. 

In light of this knowledge, two instances of data-driven decisions that might be taken include altering delivery dates or choosing a new carrier.

Reduced costs 

By automating the entire delivery process with delivery management software, businesses can cut down on labor, fuel, and other expenses by reducing operating costs and boosting efficiency. 

Delivery management software streamlines delivery routes, eliminating the need of additional resources like delivery personnel or vehicles. Businesses can expect to attain significant financial savings by minimizing the possibility of lost packages via automation. 

Return management 

Automation of the delivery process through the use of delivery management software can enhance businesses’ return management processes. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses because refunds are common there. 

To manage client returns, including tracking the return shipment and updating the client on its progress, delivery management software can be utilized. A smooth return process can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of lost items. 

With the aid of a capable return management system, businesses can track the return package, automate the refund or exchange process, and contact customers automatically about the status of their return.

Locate2u route planning
Locate2u route planning

How do I pick the right software? 

Now we’ve gone through the 5 advantages of automating your delivery process with delivery management software, let’s take a look at how businesses can pick the right software.

Choosing the right delivery management software for your business can be a challenging process. Keep the following in mind while choosing software to best suit your company’s needs:


Consider the specific qualities you need to effectively manage your delivery process. A few essential features to consider include automated tracking and scheduling, real-time tracking updates, inventory management, and return management. 

You’ll also need to consider if you require integration with other systems, e.g. CRM or accounting.  


Make sure the software can grow with your business. Choose software that can grow to accommodate your needs both now and in the future.

Easy to use

It’s crucial to pick software that is simple to use and comprehend. Your staff will have an easier time using the program thanks to a user-friendly layout and clear navigation, which will lower the possibility of errors and boost productivity.

Technical support 

Choose software that offers comprehensive technical support. Written materials, online classes, and direct support from the program developer are all examples of this.


Consider the security aspects of the software, such as data encryption and backup options. Check to see if the program complies with all applicable laws and business standards in your sector.


Before comparing prices for various software solutions, take into account the features and advantages that each software alternative has to offer. To test it out before purchasing, see if the software offers a free trial or a money-back guarantee.


Look up online reviews of the software from other competitors. This might help you determine how effectively the software functions and whether it is worthwhile to purchase.

You can choose a delivery management software that best meets your company’s demands by taking into account these elements. This software can assist you in streamlining your shipping processes, increasing productivity, and improving customer service.

Locate2u route optimization
Locate2u route optimization

Streamline your delivery operations with Locate2u

Locate2u is an all-in-one delivery management software that optimizes delivery routes, provides real-time tracking, proof of delivery and so much more!

Learn more about how Locate2u can transform your delivery operations by visiting our website. 

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