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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

How to make delivery management software work for your business

 5 Essential Tips for Efficient Route Planning
 5 Essential Tips for Efficient Route Planning

If you’ve wondered how to make delivery management software work for your business, then keep reading. 

Managing a delivery business comes with a lot of challenges such as planning routes, handling bookings, and ensuring each delivery is completed successfully. 

There must be a simpler method to balance all of these obligations and simplify delivery logistics.

What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software (DMS) makes life all the more easier by automating the entire delivery process.

Delivery management software works for both small and large businesses to improve driver performance, streamline delivery routes, and please consumers.

By increasing the effectiveness of your delivery, your workload is reduced, freeing you up to focus on other operational duties for your firm.

After you’ve implemented delivery management software in your system, you won’t need to spend hours manually planning routes and filling out Excel spreadsheets.

What is delivery management software used for?

To stay up with shifting consumer behavior, businesses have had to adapt to the demand for speedy delivery. Deliveries may always be made on time with the help of delivery management software!

Have you ever received a call from a disgruntled customer who was angry that you were unaware of the status of their delivery? That is what DMS is meant to do!

By employing a reliable delivery management application like Locate2u, you can compile all the data you require in one place. By doing it this way, you may check on the status of the order without having to drive alongside other drivers.

Why is delivery management software important?

Companies who want to manage their delivery operations efficiently should look into delivery management software. This solution helps businesses reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline their delivery process. With the increased demand for online shopping and delivery services, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable delivery management system.

Software for delivery management not only boosts efficiency and cuts costs, but also improves customer satisfaction. Real-time tracking and automated delivery alerts allow customers to stay informed about the status of their goods, which can assist to build trust and improve the overall customer experience.

Delivery management software is essential as it maintains businesses’ competitiveness in a constantly shifting market. By leveraging the latest technology and solutions, businesses may stay ahead of the curve and meet the growing demands of customers who want rapid, dependable, and open delivery services.

The capacity to optimize delivery schedules and routes, which can significantly reduce delivery costs and times, is one of the key benefits of delivery management software for businesses. Real-time tracking and automatic delivery confirmation can help businesses ensure that their deliveries are done on time and are accurately recorded.

Locate2u delivery management software
Locate2u delivery management software

The benefits of using delivery management software


You can view the precise location of your drivers thanks to real-time tracking provided by delivery management software.

You can rest easy knowing that deliveries are being made securely and effectively when you know where your drivers are.

Customers can also track the driver till their arrival by using a live tracking link that you can provide them through SMS. This keeps clients informed of the entire procedure and lets them know if problems arise.

Improved efficiency

DMS’s route optimization capabilities can help your company run more smoothly overall.

A solution called route optimization creates the most effective routes for your drivers in a matter of minutes rather than hours! So, without interfering with your daily routine, your drivers can finish deliveries more quickly and even accommodate more last-minute bookings.

More than 20 bookings can be entered into a DMS like Locate2u, which also considers the drivers’ availability, the number and distance of stops, traffic and weather conditions, and the number and location of stops.

Better customer service

Giving precise ETAs and real-time updates on the delivery with this technology will help you provide better customer service.

Nobody wants to wait for their delivery in the dark while not knowing where the driver is.

By including clients in the process, delivery management software enhances their overall experience. This frequently leads to repeat sales and favorable internet reviews that benefit your reputation and customer retention.

Customization and scalability

By completely customizing delivery management software,  your specific business needs can be met. This software allows businesses to accommodate their own delivery needs, such as certain delivery locations or delivery vehicles. 

Branding and notification modification are two examples of customization that help keep brand consistency in the delivery experience.

The functionality of a delivery software can be increased or modified to accommodate changing business needs. As a result, companies may readily adjust to shifting consumer expectations by growing to meet rising demand or shrinking during slower times.

Data analysis and insights

Businesses can better understand their delivery operations by using the data analysis and insights provided by delivery management software. Data on delivery schedules, route effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and other factors may be included. 

Businesses can use this data to pinpoint areas for improvement, streamline the delivery procedure, and make data-driven choices to enhance delivery operations.

Data analysis, for instance, can assist companies in locating bottlenecks in their delivery routes and making changes to improve delivery times. Additionally, it can assist firms in recognizing customer patterns and preferences, which can then be utilized to better adapt delivery services to customers’ demands. 

Moreover, data analysis can assist businesses in identifying any potential errors or problems early on in the delivery process, ensuring that deliveries are completed on time and with little complication. 

Locate2u last mile delivery software
Locate2u last mile delivery software

How to make delivery management software work for your business

A. Understand your business needs

Analyze current delivery process

Analyze your present delivery procedure and pinpoint the issues you’re having before selecting a delivery management program. You can use this to determine the functionality you require and to create goals for the product.

Identify issues within current process

Look carefully at your existing delivery procedure to find the places that could use enhancement. This could involve tedious paperwork, ineffective routing, or a lack of real-time visibility.

Set objectives for delivery management software 

Once the issues have been located, you may begin to consider how delivery management software might be able to assist in their resolution. Real-time tracking, for instance, can assist you in route optimization and speedier delivery.

Identify features needed

Identify the essential features your business needs, such as proof of delivery, route planning, and real-time tracking. 

Real time tracking
Real time tracking

B. Choosing the right delivery management software

The success of your delivery process depends on selecting the appropriate delivery management software. Given the wide range of software solutions available, it’s crucial to conduct research and analyze each choice in light of your company’s needs and goals.

Research and compare different options

To select the delivery management software choice that best suits your needs, do some research and comparison-shopping.

Evaluate the software based on business requirements 

Compare the features and costs of each software and evaluate it in light of your company’s needs and goals.

Consider costs

Take into account the software’s price as well as any additional charges for support or customization.

Is the software customizable?

It’s crucial to personalize your delivery management software once you’ve selected it in order to match your unique business needs.

Integrate software with current systems

To simplify your distribution process, integrate the program with your current systems, such as your CRM or ERP.

Train your team

It’s essential to train your staff on the proper usage of the software after you’ve tailored it to your unique requirements.

Create a training program

To ensure that your staff feels confident using the software, develop a training program that goes through all the product’s features and includes hands-on practice.

C. Integrate the software into your delivery process

It’s time to include the software into your delivery process once your team has been taught and is comfortable using it.

Use software for route planning and dispatching

Use the route planning and dispatching tools to help you optimize your delivery routes, cut down on delivery times, and increase productivity.

Real-time tracking of deliveries 

Use the software’s real-time tracking tool to monitor deliveries in real-time and make last minute changes.  

Automated delivery confirmation

To make sure that deliveries are finished and reported promptly and accurately, use the software’s automated delivery confirmation feature.

Delivery team
Delivery team

D. Analyzing and improving your delivery process

The last stage in putting a delivery management solution to work for your company is to examine your delivery procedure and make changes based on the information the software has gathered.

Analyze data collected by software

Utilize the software’s data to pinpoint areas that should be improved, such as costs, delivery times, and customer happiness.

Make improvements to the delivery process

Enhance the delivery process by modifying delivery schedules, simplifying routes, and enhancing customer service based on the data gathered by the software.


Businesses can use software for delivery management as a powerful tool to improve customer happiness, save costs, and streamline deliveries. 

You can make delivery management software work for your business by:

  • Comprehending your business needs
  • Selecting the best software
  • Customizing it to fit your requirements
  • Training your team
  • Integrating it into your delivery process
  • Reviewing and improving your delivery process
Locate2u GPS tracking
Locate2u GPS tracking

The best delivery management software

Locate2u is the answer you need if you’re looking for an efficient delivery management system to increase delivery efficiency and meet consumer needs.

With Locate2u, you can manage deliveries, track the real-time location of your fleet, and quickly optimize your routes – perfect for business owners, delivery managers, drivers and delivery agents!

Click here to learn more about our delivery solution and start automating your entire delivery process right away!

Locate2u route web portal
Locate2u route web portal

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