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Maersk launches Miami airfreight gateway

Maersk launches Miami airfreight gateway
Maersk launches Miami airfreight gateway
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Maersk has expanded its air freight operations by launching a full-service, in-transit gateway solution in Miami. This new facility highlights Maersk’s dedication to delivering seamless and competitive connectivity to key Latin American markets. 

John Wetherell, global head of air freight forwarding at Maersk says: “Our Miami expansion is a vital and strategic addition to our global gateway network, providing connectivity from Asia, Europe, and the US to Latin America.” 

Enhance the supply chain 

Maersk’s new Miami gateway, inspired by its operations in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, aims to streamline the transshipment of European and Asian cargo to Latin America, leveraging competitive connectivity on both freighter and passenger flights. This facility will bolster the North American export market to Latin America and enhance the Latin American supply chain with cost-effective US routes from Asia.

The 90,000 square foot (8,000 square meters) facility, staffed entirely by Maersk Air Freight forwarding professionals, is anticipated to manage significant southward cargo flows. It boasts key certifications, including a US Customs bonded Container Freight Station (CFS) and Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

Airfreight connectivity 

Besides this new airfreight gateway, Maersk has also applied for a UK operating license. The business world has seen its fair share of logistics disruptions recently. The Red Sea crisis caused shipping companies to divert cargo to the Baltimore maritime accident in the US. 

Shipments by airfreight are a viable option when it comes to high-value cargo and cargo that needs to arrive at a destination fast. 

What’s the importance of airfreight on global trade? 

Oman-based Sohar Shipping says air transport facilitates global trade emphasizing that countries can easily and quickly reach primary markets, thereby enhancing their participation in the global market. “Air transportation facilitates the easy and safe movement of specialized goods and services to be displayed worldwide. It also assists in trade with countries that supply diverse goods and services.” 

Benefits of shipping air freight 

  • Speed: Companies may need stock urgently and choose air freight as it’s a much faster option than ocean freight. The Red Sea crisis may force manufacturers and store owners to look to air freight to prevent a serious shortage in their production line or store shelves. 
  • Reliability: Airlines run strict schedules. These schedules make it a reliable option for air freight cargo. Fresh produce is often flown via airfreight so items arrive fresh at a destination. 
  • Efficiency: Shipping by air freight is a great time saver. A manufacturer may need an urgent part to complete a project. Placing the item as air cargo will allow the manufacturer to save time instead of waiting a few weeks for ocean freight to arrive in port. 

Photo Credit: Maersk

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