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Royal Mail accommodates customers with special needs

Royal Mail accommodates customers with special needs
Royal Mail accommodates customers with special needs

Customers with special needs often feel let down by parcel delivery companies. They don’t accommodate their requirements, like the time it takes to get to the door. The Royal Mail is trying to change all that by focusing on special requirements for these consumers. 

The British postal service has introduced an option to allow these customers to register their needs via Parcel Collect. A simple ‘knock louder’ note will change the entire service for these customers. 

The feature, Parcel Collect, is accessible on the Royal Mail application. The courier’s customer service team is able to set it up for each specific need.

Taking care of special needs

Businesses often forget that customers cannot leave their homes as quickly and rely heavily on home deliveries. Special requirements require drivers to be more cautious of the customer’s needs and accessibility to everyday services. 

While ordinary parcels are left at the front door, the Royal Mail allows customers to tell the driver where to leave the package. 

According to Post and Parcel, these requirements can be easily set up on Royal Mail’s app, valid for a year. It can also easily be deleted if the conditions were only temporary due to health impairments or circumstances. 

Setting up a safe place for parcels

Royal Mail has a feature which allows customers to set up a ‘safe place’ for alternative delivery preferences. With this feature, a customer can tell a postie where to leave their parcel when not home.

Here are the requirements: It needs a safe and secure place, weatherproof and out of sight. These parcels won’t require a signature. 

The Royal Mail says they will use the preference chosen on the app for every subsequent delivery. “We are working on additional options to make deliveries even more convenient, such as a preferred neighboring address.”

GPS tracking helps special needs customers

Courier companies that use GPS tracking software helps special needs customers to know exactly when a driver will arrive. This helps to plan and ensure there are no delays between deliveries. 

GPS tracking software like Locate2u gives an accurate, live, real-time location of drivers and vehicles, which customers can access. The software also helps businesses to optimize routes, minimize costs, and give customers a better delivery experience. 

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