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Zomato introduces kurta for female delivery drivers

Zomato introduces kurta for female delivery drivers
Zomato introduces kurta for female delivery drivers

Food delivery company Zomato is restoring the dignity of hundreds of female delivery drivers this month, introducing kurtas as an option to wear while delivering customers’ food. 

The “inclusive and holistically supportive” decision aims to “empower female partners” to choose whether they want to wear a t-shirt or a kurta, Indian TV is reporting. 

Female delivery drivers often face challenges navigating the delivery space and taking customers’ orders to their doorsteps. The “discomfort with Western-style t-shirts” makes things even worse for some. 

According to UniFirst, a commonly overlooked aspect in the delivery space is the “significant influence” the uniform drivers wear daily, contributing to their work experience. 

Zomato making life easier for female drivers

In many instances, female delivery drivers wear t-shirts over their traditional attire, which can generally be extremely warm and uncomfortable. 

According to Indian TV, delivery drivers expressed their concerns with the company, and they decided to “revamp” the outfits. The uniform has deep pockets on both sides and intricate embroidery. The kurta is full-sleeved, which designers say makes it ideal for summer without having to wear additional sun-protected sleeves. 

From a cultural point of view, it makes women feel more comfortable and stylish. Overall, women told the media outlet that it had impacted their work experience, too. 

Why do uniforms matter to delivery drivers?

Not only does the correct uniform make work life more manageable for delivery drivers, but it also enhances productivity, says UniFirst. 

Here are a few things to consider when picking uniforms for delivery drivers:

  1. Prioritize comfort: 

  • Look for features like adjustable waistbands and breathable fabrics.

  • Go for moisture-wicking materials that can keep drivers cool and dry.

  1. Safety and visibility:

  • Ensure the chosen garments have reflective properties, primarily if drivers work the night shift. 

  • Consider shirts or pants with reflective striping, making it easier to see while driving on the road or in a suburb. 

  1. Project professionalism: 

  • Ensure the uniform is neat and presentable, even after a few work hours.

  • It is best to pick material that doesn’t show stains quickly and can suit any body type or shape. 

Women responding to the new uniforms

A delivery partner from Delhi told Indian TV that the new uniform had changed her work outlook. “I am happy with the kurta & the kit; it is comfortable, and the embroidery makes it look very pretty.” 

Concerned about the warm summer temperatures, another driver concluded that the new kurta would make the warm days more bearable. 

Women worldwide support this step taken by Zomato, calling it a “lovely change.” Most people are applauding the company for including pockets in the kurta. 

More than 2,000 women are delivery drivers with Zomato. However, it’s unclear whether the drivers have to pay for the new uniform out of their pockets. 

Photo credit: Zomato/Instagram

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