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Tailored personalized shopping, eBay launches AI feature

Tailored personalized shopping, eBay launches AI feature
Tailored personalized shopping, eBay launches AI feature

eBay customers are now experiencing an AI-powered fashion shopping experience personalized to their own preferences and moods.

The newly launched generative artificial intelligence (AI) feature captures a customer’s style and preferences while using a smart device or desktop. It can also suggest similar items and outfits that the customer prefers. This is all based on their shopping history. 

With this technology, eBay can set itself apart from competitors using Amazon. “Fashion enthusiasts stay connected to the latest trends,” reconds the e-commerce platform. 

Personalizing online shopping 

The feature called ‘Shop the Look’ suggests a carousel of images and ideas. It takes a deep dive into the user’s shopping habits. “Their style recommendations are made up of images and items that are personalized, ensuring a tailored fashion experience,” says the e-commerce platform. 

What is there to achieve? eBay can offer a shopping experience that seeks to understand the customers’ preferences, setting it apart from its competitors. This feature also updates the customers’ tastes, ages, and moods. 

How does the technology work? eBay says it’s set up in a “unique way” with the help of its “decades of data and customer insights.” It also taps into its “billions of images” that are used to “enrich our AI technology” while also personalizing the experience for customers. 

Amazon and eBay’s competition

In February, Amazon overtook eBay as the leading marketplace in Australia. But for decades before this, eBay enjoyed the bulk of online shoppers’ attention. 

A report by Pattern indicated that Amazon toppled eBay in Australia due to its speedy delivery, quality products, and good customer service. It also found a 59% growth in consumers choosing to begin their product search with Amazon. It’s a different picture from eBay, where shoppers turn to this e-commerce platform first, showing a decline of 19%.

eBay wants to move beyond just enticing its customers with a personal shopping experience. It also wants to be seen as the “gateway to the world of fashion.” They want to focus on being the go-to e-commerce platform for “timeless pieces.”

This new method of shopping online, visualizing how you would look in the time before purchasing, is a “confidence booster.”

“‘Shop the Look’ allows users to visualize how potential additions will complement their current wardrobe,” says the company.

For now, the feature is only available on iOS for US and UK customers. Android users will be able to access this feature later this year. The plan is to also expand on its fashion and categories. “Our goal is to continuously enhance the feature with new personalization elements over the next year.”

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