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Uber Freight reportedly cuts jobs

Uber Freight reportedly cuts jobs
Uber Freight reportedly cuts jobs

Uber Freight has confirmed to FreightWaves that it was “forced” to cut a number of jobs. The logistics leader says it’s in the best interest of driving sustainable growth. 

Little information about the details is known. An Uber spokesperson only confirmed to the news site that it is a “small reduction in force.” It further states that the decision was not made lightly and that it was important to optimize the team to “enhance operational efficiency and long-term success.”

FreightWaves spoke to an employee on condition of anonymity, detailing how affected staff were notified. According to the source, there were hours of panic when HR sent out a separation agreement without explaining.  Later, the company dismissed certain staff members via a Zoom call.

Last year, Uber Freight also had to lay off staff, a total of around 200, in separate rounds. 

AI shaping Uber Freight 

At the same time as the job cuts, Uber Freight founder and CEO Lion Ron posted on LinkedIn how artificial intelligence is a ‘defining factor’ for 2024. Ron explains where AI is taking logistics in the future. 

“Logistics is a big global optimization challenge. We, as supply chain professionals, are trying to make sense of all of the constraints and complexities and trying to resolve the equation in the most optimal way,” Ron acknowledges that AI is improving human error. 

“Machines can solve that global constraint and optimization problem better than humans. And the opportunity lies in really allowing the power of big data processing to inform better decision-making, better supply chain optimization, better outcomes for what we’re trying to do day to day.”

Investing in modern logistics

Uber Freight invested in next-generation logistics solutions in 2023. The bill added up to $120 million in investment in modern logistics by acquiring Transplace back in 2022. 

New solutions the logistics giant added to its strategy recently, include:

  • Uber Freight’s updated TMS, an all-in-one solution that provides improved visibility into shipping journeys. 
  • Uber Freight Exchange, which expands procurement options for shippers and streamlines the RFP process. 
  • Insights AI uses artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that inform future logistics decisions.

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