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Posti pioneers green logistics, invests in smart logistics center

Posti pioneers green logistics, invests in smart logistics center
Posti pioneers green logistics, invests in smart logistics center

In a bold move to revolutionize sustainability in the transport sector, Posti has committed to invest a large sum of money in a new logistics center featuring automation built for parcel couriers in Estonia.

The Finnish delivery and fulfillment giant says construction for this ambitious logistics project is underway. The center near Tallinn is designed for the parcel courier Itella. 

Why is this important? This facility will become one of the largest sorting centers in the region. It will bring innovation and efficiency to the industry.

Constructing Posti’s new logistics center

The project, estimated to cost about $15 million, includes a three-hectare site. Construction is moving quickly, with workers chasing a deadline to be operational by early next year. 

It’s reported that the logistics center will cover about 7,500 square meters, but it leaves room for expansion. Posti hopes to have plans approved for an additional 2,400 square meters for future growth. With the demand for e-commerce and parcel delivery expanding rapidly, this is necessary to allow for growth. 

Spotlight on automation and sustainability

The new logistics facility will focus on automation and sustainability. The designers built the center around a ‘smart house’ concept. It includes advanced sensor systems allowing remote control and monitoring of energy usage. 

This will improve efficiency and contribute to Posti’s zero-carbon targets. In the next six years, Posti hopes to charge 82 electric vehicles (EVs), a positive step for green logistics. 

Climate leaders

The Financial Times has listed Posti as one of the European companies that have reduced their climate emissions the most. Posti is one of 500 companies selected for Europe’s Climate Leaders 2024 list, 30 of which are from Finland. It’s the only Finnish logistics company that made it onto the list.

Posti’s total emissions decreased by 17.4% in 2023 compared to 2022, and its own emissions decreased by more than 16%.

The logistics provider says it remains “committed to achieving fossil-free transportation by 2030, encompassing both its own operations and those of its partners.”

By 2040, Posti wants “all operations to be net-zero in terms of emissions.” The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved Posti’s short- and long-term goals. 

E-commerce future

This construction project, which is underway, serves as a powerful reminder for entrepreneurs and online sellers of how forward-thinking and innovation are the cornerstones of the e-commerce industry. 

The logistics landscape continues to evolve, and more companies are investing in automation, sustainability, and employee wellness. This helps to differentiate products from competitors. 

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Photo credit: Canva and Posti

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