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67% of customers face delivery issues: Descartes report

67% of customers face delivery issues: Descartes report
67% of customers face delivery issues: Descartes report

In the latest report by Descartes, customers say they are still experiencing delivery problems. 

Descartes, alongside SAPIO Research, conducted a survey of 8,000 consumers across Europe and North America. The aim was to thoroughly assess the current landscape of e-commerce and the effectiveness of home delivery services.

Convenience of shopping online 

Most consumers (57%) appreciate how convenient it is to shop and receive shipments online, and nearly half (49%) are pleased that the online ordering process has become easier. 

Additionally, almost half (48%) enjoy home delivery because it saves them the hassle of leaving their home or office to collect their purchases. This highlights the overall ease and convenience of shopping online.

Customer experience

However, delivery problems could stop people from shopping online more in the future. When asked what might deter online shoppers from making more online purchases, 21% of respondents said they’ve had bad delivery experiences. 

Another 20% mentioned that shipments are unreliable, 17% were unhappy with the delivery process, and 16% believe deliveries are not environmentally friendly.

Here’s a scenario: An online shopper urgently orders a new laptop for work, paying extra for next-day delivery. However, the laptop doesn’t arrive on time due to an unspecified “logistical issue.” After two days of waiting and contacting customer service, the shopper learns the laptop was delivered to the wrong address. 

It takes several more days and multiple calls to sort out the issue, and when the laptop finally arrives, the packaging is damaged. This frustrating experience leaves the shopper stressed, inconvenienced, and wary of future online shopping, especially for urgent needs.

Understanding the customer 

The report adds that when it comes to consumer expectations for home delivery, they think about it differently.

“Consumers have different delivery personas—and these can vary by the products being delivered. Delivery personas involve a combination of cost, delivery speed, precision, value-added services and information about delivery options (e.g.,most environmentally friendly). This allow retailers to craft a number of delivery experiences that best fit their customers’ preferences,” reads the report. 

Accuracy in delivery

Courier companies are now offering proof of delivery when parcels are received – such as FedEx and Locate 2u. Couriers can use Locate2u’s software to capture images and e-signatures to confirm a delivery’s successful completion. This technology results in less paperwork, improved delivery accuracy and faster service. 

“The addition of proof of delivery in various forms, including picture and signature capture, is now a core component of a good delivery experience for high-value items,” reads the report. 

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