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Amazon brings micro-mobility hubs to Northern Ireland

Amazon brings micro-mobility hubs to Northern Ireland
Amazon brings micro-mobility hubs to Northern Ireland

Amazon customers in the UK will now be able to receive parcels, thanks to the company’s micro-mobility hubs. 

The company first launched its micro-mobility hub in London and Manchester in 2022. 

Now, customers in Belfast, Northern Ireland can enjoy the benefits of these micro-mobility hubs. 

“Normally, packages arrive at these stations from nearby Amazon fulfillment centers before being loaded onto delivery vehicles and transported to your doorstep.”  

Amazon’s is on a sustainability mission 

Micro-mobility hubs support deliveries by electric cargo bikes and on foot, reducing the need for delivery vans in city centers. This helps improve air quality and ease road congestion.

E-cargo bikes have become a popular mode of transport for delivery companies for several reasons. These bikes produce zero emissions, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional delivery vehicles. 

What does this mean for the environment? This helps reduce the carbon footprint of delivery operations, aligning with increasing regulatory pressures and societal expectations for sustainability.

Many courier companies will use a delivery van. This mode of transport comes with a downside – the vehicle is heavy and can’t maneuver as an e-cargo bike does. 

E-cargo bikes can navigate congested urban areas more efficiently than vans or trucks. They can use bike lanes, bypass traffic jams, and access pedestrian zones where motor vehicles are restricted. This can lead to faster deliveries in dense city centers.

What can Amamazon’s micro-mobility hub mean for logistics? 

In announcing this initiative, Amazon says: “The investment includes £300 million in the UK alone and aims to promote innovation in the logistics industry. It will also encourage the development of public charging infrastructure, which will be key to helping the transportation sector reduce carbon emissions.” 

Sustainable delivery in London 

It’s not just Amazon who’s got sustainability at the top of their mind. In April, the UK’s Varamis Rail launched a zero-emission freight service in London. This will allow goods to be delivered by electric trains in the city. 

The company has been a pioneer in high-speed, zero-emission rail logistics and has been revolutionizing the sector. It was awarded a ‘first-of-a-kind’ grant by Innovate UK in September 2022. 

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Photo Credit: Amazon

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