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BMW Group Australia employs electric van for parts deliveries

BMW Group Australia has taken a significant step towards greener logistics by introducing an electric van into its daily operations

BMW Group Australia has taken a significant step towards greener logistics by introducing an electric van into its daily operations at the BMW Sydney and MINI Sydney dealerships.

This fresh addition to their fleet is the LDV eDeliver 9, branded in BMW’s distinctive brand. Its primary mission is to transport BMW parts and accessories to designated locations across the Sydney metropolitan area, including accredited BMW bodyshops.

BMW achieving its green goals

What makes this an interesting commercial delivery van is its electric nature. It offers a practical solution to reduce emissions and noise. 

The LDV eDeliver 9 boasts a 280km driving range on the WLTP cycle, and it can handle a substantial cargo volume of 10.9 cubic meters, with a payload capacity of 1410 kilograms. The van replenishes its high-voltage battery in between tasks using one of the on-site BMW Wallbox chargers.

During a three-month trial period, BMW will closely monitor the van’s performance to assess its operational feasibility and potential for expanding electric vehicles (EVs) in its delivery and collection operations.

Electrifying the Sydney area

Peter Kallitsis, dealer principal at BMW Sydney and MINI Garage Sydney, said in a press release

; “There are numerous advantages to a fully electric van on an operational level, chiefly zero tailpipe emissions and noise reduction. This has benefits for our roadways and provides a cleaner option for our staff when they are working around the van and loading or unloading cargo in confined indoor areas.”

Beyond the practical benefits, this move aligns with BMW Group’s global sustainability goals. Kallitsis added, “However, it also contributes in a meaningful way to the BMW Group’s global goal to reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain – of which logistics are a key element – by 40 percent from 2019 levels by the year 2030. We look forward to seeing how the van performs during the trial phase as we consider all facets of our business and how we can all play an important part in lowering emissions while maintaining a high level of efficiency.”

An odd addition

While it’s exciting to see a fully electrified vehicle join the fleet, it’s strange to see it adorned with a different vehicle brand’s logo. “BMW Australia has made a very interesting choice in delivery van,” reports CarExpert

The LDV is a Chinese brand, and the eDeliver 9 is one of only two commercial electric vans available in Australia. 

The second one is the Ford E-Transit, a large electric commercial van, which arrived in Australia in May of this year. The E-Transit is priced from AUS$104,990 to AUS$106,490 before on-road costs, with a range of 295km to 307km. On the other hand, the LDV eDeliver 9 retails from AUS$99,990 before on-road costs.

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