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DHL strengthens pharma logistics presence in France

DHL strengthens pharma logistics presence in France
DHL strengthens pharma logistics presence in France

DHL Supply Chain has grown its logistics services for the life sciences and healthcare sector in France by partnering with Sanofi, a major global healthcare company. DHL Supply Chain will handle warehousing, inventory management, picking and packing, and order fulfillment at three main sites in France: Amilly Distribution, Croissy-Beaubourg, and Saint-Loubès.

Hendrik Venter, regional CEO for DHL Supply Chain EMEA says his partnership strategically expands the business’s existing, multi-country collaboration with Sanofi. 

Why does this matter? “By actively scaling our Life Sciences & Healthcare division, we will solidify our position as the leading provider of end-to-end solutions across the entire value chain. This not only increases value for our customers by supporting them in meeting changing patient needs, but ultimately improves patient outcomes,” says Venter. 

Global network in healthcare 

Using its expertise, investments, and global network in life sciences and healthcare, DHL Supply Chain aims to improve the efficiency, resilience, and quality of Sanofi’s logistics network. 

This partnership is strengthened by DHL’s experience in areas like pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, consumer health, vaccines, medical devices, clinical trials, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Here’s a scenario: A hospital in Paris that urgently needs a new supply of a life-saving vaccine. With the new partnership between DHL Supply Chain and Sanofi, the logistics process is streamlined and highly efficient. 

DHL’s advanced warehousing and inventory management systems ensure that the vaccines are stored under optimal conditions. When the hospital places an order, DHL quickly picks, packs, and dispatches the vaccines, ensuring they arrive at the hospital on time. This timely delivery is critical for the hospital to continue treating patients effectively and saving lives.

What’s the big picture? Reliable logistics make sure pharmaceuticals are delivered on time, which is crucial for patient care, especially for important medications and vaccines.

French logistics sector 

France’s central location in Europe makes it a crucial hub for regional and international logistics, facilitating efficient supply chain operations across the continent.

Research and Markets reports France France has the best logistics for trading across borders. It has Europe’s second-largest rail network, with 30,000 km of track and one million kilometers of road.

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Photo Credit: DHL

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