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Parcel mishandling: Australia Post investigates viral video

Parcel mishandling: Australia Post investigates viral video
Parcel mishandling: Australia Post investigates viral video

Australia Post’s workers are in the spotlight after a viral video allegedly shows AusPost workers throwing parcels into a delivery van. 

The postal service has investigated the allegations and footage shared on TikTok. 

The footage taken in the Sydney distribution center shows how at least two people hurled parcels at a delivery van.

It’s not the first time Australia Post has been accused of mishandling parcels. In April 2019, a video also went viral of how Star Track workers, owned by AusPost, were tossing packages onto the van. 

Many say it’s not the first time that this has happened. It just so happens that it was caught on camera. 

Australia Post has told 9News that the latest video did not reflect the “high standards” the national postal service expected of its workers. “The vast majority of our network takes pride in their job delivering for all Australians, and it’s disappointing to see it’s not the case here.”

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Locate2u CEO Steve Orenstein says this is a challenge, not only for Australia Post. “This is a challenge that happens across every single logistics business globally. Ultimately, you are relying on individuals doing deliveries. And sometimes individuals will do silly things.”

Business lessons to learn 

But Orenstein says it all comes down to regular staff training and company values. How can a business prevent this kind of backlash? 

  • Training and educating drivers
  • Ensuring drivers value each parcel
  • Motivating and creating a culture of ‘do the right thing’ through rewards and incentives

“I think this will continue as long as humans deliver parcels. People will do the wrong things at times,” says Orenstein. 

Extra labor force for peak season

“Seasonal employers have a few issues to grapple with,” says Andrew Challenger, workplace and labor expert at Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. 

“One is the cost of labor limiting the desire to add workers. Another is whether consumers continue to spend at the same clip. Another is one that has been fairly constant since the pandemic: can they attract workers?” says Challenger.

Whether it’s hiring extra workers or managing existing staff with tighter schedules, handling all the operations is tough.

Orenstein says business owners should look at their order volume to determine if extra seasonal workers should be added for the peak season. “If you can predict what that will look like and you hire enough people, things will work out well.”

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