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ACFS Port Logistics launches paperless truck entry system

ACFS Port Logistics launches paperless truck entry system
ACFS Port Logistics launches paperless truck entry system

Australia’s ACFS Port Logistics has announced its initiative of paperless truck entry at its Port Botany container park. 

The e-depot will now process trucks through optical camera recognition, license plate recognition, and CAMCO technology gate entry for trucks. 

Customers and transport operators will enjoy enhanced security. Camera technology will read truck registrations on arrival, which will be matched with a slot booking. Truck drivers will then be issued a ticket with container drop-off or pick-up location. 

Fast truck turnaround time 

ACFS Port Logistics was founded in 2005 by Terry and Arthur Tzaneros. Its customers include some of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies.  

The new system will reduce the truck turnaround time by 30%, which will increase productivity. 

This technology switch will also assist with operational flow. “Under the 24-hour / 5-day operation, the site will be able to process trucks faster (between 5 to 10 minutes per truck visit), thus taking on more volume without disruption. This also means that clients will be better serviced while mitigating detention,” ACFS Port Logistics stated. 

Truck drivers who transport containers will know all about the delays regarding container movement. In logistics, time is of the essence. “The new technology introduced by ACFS will assist in getting trucks processed more efficiently, having the truck back on the road for its next job in a timely manner.” 

In November 2023, ACFS Logistics celebrated one year of its warehouse operations in Auckland, New Zealand. The warehouse offers services in third-party logistics, e-commerce, and transport. The company also announced it will deploy a fleet of new Mercedes Benz trucks. 

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Australian freight and logistics market 

Mordor Intelligence reports that Australia’s freight and logistics market is estimated to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 3.9% in the next five years. 

In December 2023, the Western Australian government unveiled plans for a new container terminal. The location at Kwinana is set to keep the state’s economy strong in years to come.  

The terminal design will accommodate larger ships than the existing Fremantle terminal and incorporates redevelopment of the aging Kwinana Bulk Terminal jetty. The development’s cost and timings will be completed by mid-2024.

Benefits of warehouse automation 

  • Safety and reliability: Robotics can handle heavy packaging with ease. Robotics systems can also handle toxic chemicals, allowing humans to avoid toxic fumes and exposure to chemicals. 
  • Inventory management: Automated systems assist companies to prevent backlogs and allow the company to adapt to demand in the market. 
  • Strong customer satisfaction: Companies can keep customers happy by delivering goods faster. 
  • Resilient to changes: Automation allows the supply chain to be more agile. This includes times when demand is suddenly high or improves accuracy for prolonged periods. 

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Sharl is a qualified journalist. He has over 10 years’ experience in the media industry, including positions as an editor of a magazine and Business Editor of a daily newspaper. Sharl also has experience in logistics specifically operations, where he worked with global food aid organisations distributing food into Africa. Sharl enjoys writing business stories and human interest pieces.

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