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EU’s ambitious goal for a full EV fleet by 2030

EU's ambitious goal for a fully EV fleet by 2030
EU's ambitious goal for a fully EV fleet by 2030

To reduce carbon emissions by 90% within the next 25 years, the European Union (EU) recently announced the Green Deal, as well as the Sustainable and Smart Mobility strategy. This strategy could bring carbon emissions down to “1990 levels,” the EU says

The Communications Act is open for public consultation until 30 April 2024, and an adoption deadline is set for the second quarter of 2025. To make “transport accessible for all,” the EU says all vehicles registered in Europe must be zero-emission by 2035. 

“This will put road transport on a firm path to zero-emission mobility in 2050,” the statement reads

However, the Transport and Environment (T&E) says vehicle manufacturers “are failing to deliver affordable electric vehicles (EVs),” and it’s holding the EU back from full EV adoption.

‘Fully electric’ by 2030

The EU claims to be setting up the infrastructure required to charge these zero-emission vehicles. It also aims to ensure sufficient public charging capacity to meet the demands of the bigger fleet of zero-emission cars.

T&E vehicle emissions manager Anna Krajinska says corporate cars and fleets are the “perfect candidate” for electrification.

Krajinska says fleets are “heavily subsidized through tax cuts, and companies have the financial muscle to invest in EVs. That’s why the EU must come forward with a law that covers a large portion of the company car market, by regulating leasing giants and companies with big car fleets.” 

As of 2023, however, only 14% of company cars registered in the EU are fully electric. 

What is the European Green Deal? 

The Green Deal, announced in 2019, is described as the “blueprint for transformational change” under the Climate Law. Proposals were set for 2021 to make Europe the “first climate-neutral continent in the world.” 

The EU called on all sectors of the economy to meet the legislation and reach climate targets by 2030. All 27 member states committed to reach the goals unlined in the act by 2050. To do this, emissions must be reduced by 55% within the next seven years.

Member states agreed to spend “100% of their emissions trading revenues on climate and energy-related projects and the social dimension of the transition.”

EV fleet setbacks

There is a slight drawback, though. 

Analysis by McKinsey & Company shows an estimated 3.4 million public chargers will be needed by 2030 to meet climate targets. In addition, “extensive utility grid upgrades will be required to distribute electricity to these new charging stations.”

McKinsey also says the pace of public charger installation must quadruple within the next year to meet demand. At this rate, 6,000 new charging points must be installed per week.

With the 2030 goal in mind, the projected target is 10,500 weekly installations. Europe’s charger installation efforts must intensify rapidly to reach the agreed-upon goals.

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