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Symbotic recognized among world’s most innovative companies 

Symbotic recognized among world’s most innovative companies 
Symbotic recognized among world’s most innovative companies 

Symbotic has been named by Fast Company magazine as one of the world’s most innovative companies. The artificial intelligence (AI) powered robotic technology platform is flipping around how consumer goods move through the supply chain. 

This year’s spotlight was on businesses that are shaping the industry and culture through innovation. Fast Company tracked the ideas and technology that promise to transform the world. 

But what is it that Symbotic is doing differently? Intelligent software instructs advanced robots in a “high-density, end-to-end system.” This could even be seen as a “reinvented warehouse automation,” which increases efficiency, speed, and flexibility. 

CEO Rick Cohen says: “This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and the many talented and innovative team members working at Symbotic.”

Cohen says the award “underscores the dedication and ingenuity” of a team that never stood back for big and bold ideas to continuously improve Symbotic technology. 

What’s next for Symbotic? 

Brittain Ladd, a well-known and respected global business strategist, anticipates that Symbotic will grow its market share in multiple categories, including general merchandise. “Instead of retailers managing their own warehouses and fulfillment centers, they can outsource their logistics to Symbotic.”

Here’s a scenario:  An automotive company like Caterpillar or John Deere can outsource their logistic needs to Symbotic, and in turn, it can “optimize orders into full truckloads that will perform milk runs to dealerships.” This is a model that Ladd strongly encourages. “Suppliers to Ford and GM, for example, can ship their inventory to Symbotic warehouses.”

Ladd is a huge fan of fulfillment as a service. He believes it’s the “next big thing in the supply chain.” The supply chain is supposed to “enable growth,” which is precisely what Ladd believes Symbotic is doing. It’s accelerating the ability of supply chains to execute and companies to grow. 

Using robots for dangerous tasks 

In warehouses these days, people are using robots in unconventional ways. They no longer trust them only to do simple and easy tasks.

Fast Company says robots these days are taking on tasks in more complex, dynamic, and even dangerous environments. 

Here are examples:

  • Gecko Robotics: Robots perform inspections in cramped spaces of silos and navy ships.

  • Nearthlab: Drones have to fly up close to wind turbines for inspection. 

  • Stratom: Operators use devices to service military aircraft on busy flight lanes not far from the frontlines of war.

Symbotic has optimized its warehouse robots for fast 24-hour operations “walled off from human workers.” Here’s the most significant part. The robots work “even with the lights out after most employees have gone home.” This is a big win, as many fatalities and serious injuries happen during forklift accidents.

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