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Unpacking TikTok’s e-commerce guide for small businesses

Unpacking TikTok’s e-commerce guide for small businesses
Unpacking TikTok’s e-commerce guide for small businesses

Getting started on social media can be scary. Many e-commerce businesses are losing out on getting their products in front of new customers. TikTok saw the need and created a step-by-step guide for small business owners. 

Titled ‘SMB Newbie E-commerce Best Practices’, the guide is a one-page roadmap for attracting and engaging potential customers on the platform. It covers everything from setting up your store’s presence to using the somewhat intimidating TikTok Ads Manager.  

Why is any of this important? Research conducted by Kantar in 2021 found that 92% of users buy a product after watching a TikTok video. You want to get a slice of that pie. 

Starting out on TikTok

TikTok presents you with this challenge: “Whether you’re an established online retailer or just getting started selling direct-to-consumer, finding your next customer can be challenging.” Lucky for you, setting the groundwork has never been easier. 

The guide gently introduces small businesses to the Ads Manager, your one-stop dashboard for advertising campaigns. From payment setup, Pixel setup, and ad creation, it covers all the basics. 

A real-world case of HiSmile is included, illustrating the online retailer’s revenue uptick through TikTok advertising optimization. 

HiSmile case study

HiSmile started its social media journey with lower funnel events from day 1, such as the ‘Complete Payment’ campaigns. They weren’t happy with the results. 

When they began optimizing their events earlier in the purchase journey – like ‘Add To Cart’ campaigns – it helped the platform’s algorithm identify users more likely to become customers.

This slight change resulted in HiSmile’s revenue increasing by 28%. All you need to do is follow the well-structured checklist when launching your first campaign, and you could reap the same benefits. 

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Pro tips for TikTok success

The document is filled with nuggets of professional advice and helpful tips for getting the most from your TikTok experience. These pointers are aimed at smoothing out the wrinkles in your social media advertising endeavors.

It teaches small businesses how to fully optimize their campaigns, and how to initiate profit-boosting ‘Add to Cart’ events. The guide also highlights the importance of cultivating an organic presence on the platform. 

Organic and authentic content will bolster your paid advertising efforts. This dual approach ensures a wider reach and a stronger foothold in the online community.

The final segment of the guide provides further resources for your small businesses’ advertising journey.

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