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Sendle expands picks up locations across Australia

Sendle expands picks up locations across Australia
Sendle expands picks up locations across Australia
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Sendle, the Australian courier service catering to small businesses, has significantly bolstered its international shipping network by a remarkable 40%. Post & Parcel reports this expansion aims to empower a greater number of small enterprises to seamlessly dispatch goods to customers in over 220 countries worldwide. 

An additional 865 pick-up suburbs across Australia have been incorporated into the international shipping service, further enhancing accessibility and convenience for businesses.

Door-to-door service is crucial 

Businesses are realizing the importance of expanding their operations online. Locate2u reported recently on Coles supermarket in Australia saying its online sales e-commerce sales grew 29.2% in groceries to $1.8 billion, and 14.9% in liquor during the first half of 2024. 

Laura Hill, managing director of Sendle Australia says with many businesses expanding online and selling beyond Australian borders, having a door-to-door international pick-up service is critical to success. 

“Small businesses want to reach new customers and engage with shoppers looking for high-quality products from Australia. Whether you’re sending socks to customers in New Zealand or sentimental jewelry to loved ones in the United States, small businesses are well positioned to service this demand with Sendle as their preferred global shipper, says Hill. 

Sendle’s managing director explained that the absence of market competition adversely affects small businesses across various dimensions. In Australia’s postal and parcel delivery sector, she noted that a significant majority (84%) of small businesses express a desire for increased competition and access to affordable carriers or shippers. She emphasized their longstanding vision to equalize opportunities for small businesses by expanding the range of parcel delivery solutions available.

Based on data provided by Sendle, small businesses exhibit a prominent demand for international shipping, with 45% of shipments destined for the United States. Following closely behind are New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada in terms of popularity among small business customers.

Busting competition in Australia

Established in 2014, Sendle has consistently prioritized the prosperity of small businesses. Leveraging networks and volumes typically reserved for larger enterprises, they aim to offer their customers the most competitive prices possible.

In July 2023, Sendle boldly took on its competitors with the launch of its ‘Australia Post busting’ campaign. Dubbed Ship & Save and developed internally, this initiative marked a big transformation for Sendle, encouraging small businesses currently utilizing Australia Post’s MyBusiness to challenge the status quo. The campaign urges businesses to “reject Australia’s 200-year-old functional monopoly by shopping around.”

Australian e-commerce market

According to the International Trade Administration, Australia is the eleventh-largest e-commerce market in the world. Mordor Intelligence predicts the market as experiencing growth in the next three years. 

“Australia outperforms other countries in the number of consumers shopping online at least once a month. Furthermore, the rise in digital advertising by e-commerce companies through social media platforms is further increasing online spending and generating more product sales,” reads the report. 

The report adds that with extensive shopping experience, technology-savvy shoppers are on-trend and knowledgeable. “They are more likely to value efficiency and purchase from digital native retailers to get detailed product information and better customer service.”

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