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Amazon Pharmacy launches same-day deliveries in New York and LA

Amazon Pharmacy launches same-day deliveries in New York and LA
Amazon Pharmacy launches same-day deliveries in New York and LA

Thanks to Amazon Pharmacy, patients who need medication to manage illness or healthcare requirements can now have same-day deliveries to their door in New York and LA.

The company is now using new smaller facilities to stock the most common prescription medications to get items to customers closer to where these customers are situated. An example of this is Amazon’s smaller format facility in Brooklyn. This facility carries more than 12,000 medications available from Amazon.com. 

“The pharmacist and fulfillment team at the site can process a prescription within minutes rather than hours or days,” Amazon says. 

Same-day deliveries for essential medication

So here’s the deal.  Using cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Amazon Pharmacy’s same-day delivery service streamlines the prescription fulfillment process, significantly enhancing efficiency and precision for pharmacists. 

This technology is pivotal, especially when processing handwritten or digital prescriptions. It employs AI-driven models to perform detailed fact-checking procedures, ensuring that pharmacists are equipped with clear, error-free information. This advancement expedites delivery times for logistics professionals and assures patients of timely and accurate receipt of their essential medications.

Kelvin Downes, director of fulfillment for Amazon Pharmacy, says: “AI doesn’t replace the role of the pharmacist; it allows them to operate at the top of their license.“Rather than doing duplicative work, pharmacists can use the skills they went to school for to deliver better patient experiences,” says Downes. 

Home delivery prescription medication 

Amazon is trail-blazing when it comes to fast delivery. In October, the company unveiled a new drone, the MK30. This drone is designed to deliver parcels within 60 minutes of placing an order. 

Doug Herrington, CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores, says that by bringing Amazon Pharmacy’s deliveries into its existing logistics network, Amazon is building the fastest and most convenient service for the home delivery of prescription medications. “These faster delivery speeds will be a game changer when you or your family need your medications quickly,” says Herrington. 

Drones around the world

Fortune Business Insights reports the global medical drone market is estimated to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 16.4% in the next six years. 

There are several reasons drones are being used for delivery. The standout has to be the speed of delivery. Drones fly above ground and are not restricted by traffic. Another factor is that deliveries will not be hampered by labor shortages. 

They may be in flight during a lunch hour when a person has to take breaks, but the drone does not. 

Drones are cost-effective. Imagine a courier fleet’s fuel bill at the end of each month. The drone does not travel on roads, so the drone has less wear and tear than a vehicle. Vehicles may also be stranded at a service center for a particular problem. Car repairs can be costly. In addition, drones do not emit toxic fumes. Drones can travel above rough terrain and provide an aerial route straight to the destination.

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