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Bolt partners with robotics company to offer autonomous deliveries

Starship Technologies, a robotics company specializing in autonomous delivery solutions, has joined forces with Bolt, the European mobility app. 

Starship Technologies, a robotics company specializing in autonomous delivery solutions, has joined forces with Bolt, the European mobility app. 

The collaboration, which marks an initial step in their evolving relationship, will see a fleet of robotic delivery agents deployed for Bolt Food deliveries across numerous countries, commencing later this year.

Some background

Starship Technologies recently celebrated having accomplished an impressive five million commercial deliveries worldwide. Its rapid ascent showcases the growing demand for autonomous delivery solutions. This achievement was reached just seven months after the company marked the four-million-delivery milestone in November 2022.

Bolt boasts over 100 million users across more than 45 countries worldwide. The company offers mobility services, including ride-hailing, micro-mobility services (e-scooters and e-bike rentals), food and grocery delivery, and free-floating car-sharing services.

Autonomous food delivery

This strategic alliance with Starship will enable Bolt to expand its multi-modal delivery options, tailoring services based on the size of orders and delivery distances, ultimately increasing profitability.

Jevgeni Kabanov, president of Bolt is optimistic about the new partnership saying, “Both Bolt and Starship have created innovative products that have transformed the urban mobility landscape and how people purchase and receive goods. Through this collaboration, we look forward to offering millions of Bolt Food customers a new, sustainable delivery alternative provided by Starship’s intelligent and well-received service, which has enjoyed significant success over the past five years. In the long term, we are eager to explore opportunities to make deliveries more cost-effective and accessible to an even broader customer base.”

Starship’s co-founder and CTO, Ahti Heinla, added, “We believe that our synergy with Bolt’s comprehensive portfolio of services will not only facilitate Starship’s expansion into new markets but also introduce enjoyable, fully electric, future-proofed delivery options to the markets served by Bolt.”

Bolt to the Stars

Both companies hail from Estonia, which has gained international recognition for its digital innovation and a remarkable concentration of tech unicorns per capita, including Skype, the precursor to Starship’s founding.

Starship’s fleet of over 2,000 autonomous robots has been operating at level four autonomy since 2018, facilitating an astounding 140,000 road crossings globally daily. In April 2023, the company proudly announced that its robots had traveled over 10 million kilometers (over six million miles) worldwide, surpassing the achievements of renowned self-driving car developers such as Waymo and Cruise by more than sixfold.

The company has recently expanded its operations in the UK to Wakefield, with its distinctive robots already becoming common in various UK cities, multiple university campuses across the United States, and over 50 service areas worldwide. Starship continues providing millions of people with daily delivery services through its autonomous robotic fleet.

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