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Australia Post reports a surge in postal workers attacked by dogs

Australia Post reports a surge in postal workers attacked by dogs
Australia Post reports a surge in postal workers attacked by dogs
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Australia Post is concerned about the “alarming” rate at which postal workers are being attacked by animals while on duty. New data reveals that 55 delivery workers have been in a dog-related incident in the last six months. 

This means that, on average, 11 posties are attacked by animals daily, more than double the number (5) reported two years ago

The post office says it can’t single out one breed to blame for this violent behavior. “Australia Post is increasingly seeing smaller dogs show aggressive behavior,” reads the statement

Half of the incidents occur on customers’ property, but one in three takes place at the front door. 

“Shockingly, 34% of the cases happened on the street. Dogs with their owner account for 8% of those incidents, and the remaining 26% involved a dog who escaped a property to attack a Postie or was roaming the street,” says the postal service. 

Area-specific attacks on posties

The majority of attacks take place in Queensland, which has recorded the highest number of incidents among postal service staff. 

  • Queensland (466) – Stafford, Darra, and Bundamba
  • New South Wales (408) – Ingleburn, Tamworth and Lidcombe
  • Western Australia (215) – Rockingham, Bunbury and Gwelup
  • Victoria (166) – Healesville, Nunawading and Ferntree Gully
  • South Australia (114) – Glynde, Edinburgh North and Salisbury South
  • Northern Territory (23) – Winnellie, Palmerston and Katherine
  • Tasmania (16) – Eastern Shore Hobart and Launceston
  • Australian Capital Territory (15) – Fyshwick, Mitchell and Tuggeranong

In 2022 veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren had to intervene, helping dog owners train their animals. Now AusPost is urging dog owners to keep their animals in their yards and ensure they behave. 

This year, Australia Post’s general manager of safety, Rod Maule, says it’s each dog owner’s responsibility to keep their animals away from the posties. 

“Customers must understand that for many posties, it can be stressful or triggering knowing that your delivery round may involve a dog that shows aggressive behavior,” says Maule. 

AusPost is warning that posties will “cease deliveries to a customer’s home” if it’s unsafe.”

Tips to keep posties safe

Australia Post urges pet owners to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of postal workers and animals.

  • Always keep front gates securely closed.

  • Where possible, secure dogs in the back garden and keep any side gates securely closed.

  • If you are expecting a delivery, be careful when opening your front door, ensuring your dog doesn’t run out from behind you.

  • If properly securing your dog is impossible, consider using Australia Post’s Parcel Lockers.

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