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Asendia highlights growth opportunities in US & Canadian e-commerce

Asendia highlights growth opportunities in US & Canadian e-commerce
Asendia highlights growth opportunities in US & Canadian e-commerce

Asendia’s latest e-commerce market watch 2024 shows revenue growth continues in the US market, while in Canada, high-spending shoppers want personalization. Locate2u brings you part two of this article series – findings for the US and Canadian market.  

Asendia offers a range of international e-commerce and mail delivery services. The company services fashion, apparel, health and beauty, marketplaces, and food and supplements. Key destinations for e-tailers include Asia, Europe, the USA, and Canada. 

US online shoppers trust delivery services

Sarah Clewlow, Asendia’s director of Commercial Networks says the US has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and not looked back. 

What’s the bigger picture for the US? The report finds US consumers are familiar with online shopping and trust their delivery services. America’s advanced delivery market and strong internet connectivity give e-commerce brands a great chance to reach a large, high-spending audience.

Key insights for the US market: 

  • 73% of Americans identify as regular online shoppers.
  • 65% of US consumers use retailer subscription services.

Locate2u previously reported on Walmart’s e-commerce surge. Last month, the company released its first quarter financial results which were boosted by 6% revenue growth. 

Backing this growth, the company’s global e-commerce sales rose by 21%, mainly from store-fulfilled pickup, delivery, and marketplace services.

High-spending shoppers in Canada 

Asendia’s latest market watch finds the Canadian e-commerce market has all the ingredients it needs to be a major revenue stream for e-tailers. 

What’s the bigger picture for Canada? Canada’s e-commerce system is well connected with the USA’s. With most people living in southern cities near the US border, it’s easy to operate in both markets with the right logistics partner.

Key market insights for the Canadian market: 

  • 25% of Canadians value next-day delivery.
  • 24% of Canadians use social commerce

Market outlook for US & Canada 

“Reaching consumers in the US and Canada requires a smart strategy, as giants like Amazon, Walmart and Apple have dominated the region for years. But with a huge online audience who reward good service with loyalty, there’s serious potential for e-tailers,” reads the report.

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