Turn long-distance
deliveries into predictable
linehaul solutions

From tracking your trailers to protecting your
assets, Locate2u helps to optimize your
linehaul operations.

Route Optimization for Linehaul


Linehaul companies are responsible for delivering freight over long distances. With fleets spending so much time away, keeping track of every driver can be exhausting.
Locate2u provides an easier solution to manage and protect your company’s assets. With our asset and device GPS tracking, you can:

  • Locate your assets throughout it's entire journey
  • Record driver behavior(such as speed and location history)
  • Watch a replay of where your asset has been
  • Check the street view anywhere along the route


GPS tracking is the easiest way to track your drivers. With Locate2u installed on your linehaul team’s smartphone, you can keep an eye on your drivers in real time.

  • Download on any iOS or Android device
  • Track your driver's live location
  • Monitor every journey in the Driver app

Protect your linehaul assets and easily track your
drivers with a mobile device.


Locate2u can automatically find the most efficient route to your destination. Whether it’s an intercity or cross country linehaul delivery, get the best way to drive to every stop along the journey.

  • Save time on route planning
  • Reduce costs on fuel
  • Arrive at destinations faster


Give customers an estimated time arrival they can trust. Locate2u generates an easy-to-share link that uses your company’s logo.

  • Show customers your exact location
  • Brand links with your linehaul logo
  • Provide customers your ETA

Enhance your linehaul service
with live location tracking for your


From the moment a stop is made, until the time your fleet makes their delivery, Locate2u helps you optimize the route to your customers.

Efficient Route Planning

Locate2u provides the most efficient route to get to your destination. Add one or multiple addresses into the platform and Locate2u calculates the best way to get there.

Significant Cost Savings

Minimizing the time to get from point A to point B results in considerable savings in fuel and labour.

Branded Tracking Links

Trust is a key feature for doing business with you. That’s why Locate2u let’s you send tracking links with your company logo.

Accurate ETAs

Customer satisfaction relies on showing up on time, every time, Locate2u provides customers with an estimated time of arrival they can count on.

Reliable SLA

Locate2u is committed to quality, stable, and reliable performance no matter where you’re going. All premium and enterprise subscriptions include a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Download on iPhone and Android devices

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