Work smarter. Worry less.

Are you juggling a team of workers and customers all over the city? Discover how Located2u can help optimize your maintenance and repair services.


It’s common for maintenance and repair services to receive many customer requests from multiple locations in a city.
To help coordinate your workers and maximize your time, Locate2u will optimize every customer’s location into the most efficient route.
Cut-costs and start saving with an adaptive platform that focuses on delivering your services faster than before.

Manage workers with<br> GPS location tracking

Manage workers with
GPS location tracking

You have a business to run, and the last thing you need are workers not following the rules. No matter the size of your maintenance and repair service team, managing your workers should be easy.
With Locate2u, you can track every work in real-time from your computer or smartphone. If something doesn’t look right, use the route replay feature to view anywhere on the route.

Focus on growing your business with an
app that tracks your workers and protects
your assets.


Improve every customer experience with your maintenance and repair services with live location sharing.
Start sending a live location link branded to your business when a worker is on their way to your customer.

  • Share your real-time schedule with customers
  • Our algorithms calculate ETAs based on stop time, driver speed, and traffic
  • Let your customer plan their day with total trust in you business


Do you want an easier way staying organized, assigning jobs to workers, and tracking your customer requests? Start recording all your customers in a central location.

  • Enter customer information and contact details
  • Add stop times for every maintenance and repair job
  • Plan your schedule in advance
  • Assign workers to jobs and projects
  • Update the status on the go

Adding customers to your daily routes is
easy-- let us show you how!

Save time. Prevent disputes.

Do you need a better way to handle customer complaints once a job is done? Locate2u allows your workers to capture signatures and photo proof.
Download the app on any smartphone to equip your workers with the tools they need to maintain accountability at your business.

Optimize your maintenance and repair services

Download Locate2u on any smartphone and get started today.

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