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Optimise every delivery and customer experience at your courier business

Do you want to provide the best delivery experience for your customers? Start using optimised routes with live location tracking to make your courier business faster and efficient. Choose Locate2u as your courier logistics software.


Real Time GPS for Courier Tracking

Do you want to monitor your fleet of delivery and courier vehicles from anywhere? Locate2u uses real time GPs tracking from any smartphone at your business.

  • Track your courier drivers in real time
  • Watch a route replay on where they have been
  • Check the street view anywhere along their route

Courier Logistics Software Developed with Safety & Security in Mind

Install Locate2u’s GPS tracking device to monitor your assets wherever they go. It’s the courier software your business needs!

Easy to install
Easy to install
Records driver speed
Records driver speed
5-Year Warranty
5-Year Warranty

Deliveries your customers will trust

Don’t keep your customers waiting for their order. Instead, send your customers a tracking link that showcases your company logo.

Share a location

Give your customers the exact location of your courier driver with SMS updates as your driver gets closer. That way, your customer doesn’t have to call up and inquire about the location of their delivery. It’s convenient for you, your driver and your customer, and saves you having to chase up a team member while they’re on the road.

Brand your links

Add your company logo to every live location link you give to your customers.TBeing able to customise your live tracking link means you maintain your business’ professional image towards your customers.

Provide Reliable ETAs

Improve your customer experience by sending your courier’s estimated time of arrival. More accurate ETA’s means your customers don’t have to wait around for their order and get stuck with large time windows. Reliable ETA’s are more convenient for your customers and will increase their overall satisfaction in regards to your services.

Change status

Keep track of your orders by updating the status of your couriers throughout the day.

View, monitor, and track your entire delivery and courier team in real time. Courier dispatch software with full visibility.


From customer orders to SMS messages, Locate2u gives you the ability to automate processes at your courier business.

Create a responsive courier system
Create a responsive courier system
Respond faster to customer orders
Respond faster to customer orders
Innovate processes that improve efficiency
Innovate processes that improve efficiency


Booking Tools
Booking Tools
  • Add customers manually or automatically via API
  • Manage your customers in a central location
  • Review your customer records anytime.
Route Planning Tools
Route Planning Tools
  • Optimize routes for one or multiple locations
  • Give drivers the most efficient directions.
  • Update routes at any time throughout the day.
Delivery Tools
Delivery Tools

Want real time visibility of your courier deliveries?

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