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Want to manage your delivery team while saving thousands of dollars in commission fees? Locate2u provides a better way to automate deliveries with optimised routes, live location sharing, and SMS notifications for your customers. Sign up for the best food delivery route management software with Locate2u.

Food delivery management software without expensive delivery fees

Do you want to save money by having your own food delivery team? Locate2u is a smart alternative for Deliveroo, UberEats, and other delivery services that take commissions on every order. With three easy steps, you can create a direct-to-customer food delivery system for your business.

Create an Account
Create an Account
Integrate orders via API
Integrate orders via API
Automate food deliveries
Automate food deliveries


“Stop Paying expensive delivery fees”

You may want to walk through this using visual cues to show how the API can be integrated/help automate food orders. Easily add orders from a computer or smartphone and send drivers on the best route to customers. Locate2u uses food delivery route management software to best optimise your delivery routes, making food deliveries time-efficient and cost-effective.


Customers want their food to be delivered on time, every time. To reduce headaches and minimise complaints, provide your customers with a tracking link to view their delivery in real time. This level of visibility improves the accuracy of ETA’s and allows your customer to know exactly where their delivery is. Making your customer a part of the delivery process not only improves their experience but increases the likelihood of using your services in the future.

Locate2u is the perfect food delivery management software, that keeps you organised and your customers happy.

Send tracking links with live udpates
Send tracking links with live udpates
Brand links with your company logo
Brand links with your company logo
Give arrival times for food deliveries
Give arrival times for food deliveries

Create orders, manage deliveries, and share locations - learn how with a 15-minute demo


Your drivers are front-line representatives of your business. Locate2u’s food delivery management software allows your drivers to securely capture signatures and photo proof to guarantee that every item was correctly delivered.

  • Take signatures and photo proof from a smartphone
  • Reduce errors and customer complaints
  • Eliminate unwanted expenses from false customer claims


If your business is doing more than 20 deliveries in a day, then Locate2u’s route optimisation solution will save you hours. This food delivery route management software allows you to enter bookings for the day and then automatically builds the most efficient route in seconds, not hours.

Locate2u’s system helps you build routes that accommodate your business requirements. If you need certain deliveries completed at certain times, Locate2u has you covered!


Customers who order food online want an experience they can trust. Locate2u gives you all the tools and technology in one easy-to-use platform to keep customer satisfaction high.

  • Create a reliable food delivery experience
  • Monitor food deliveries with GPS tracking
  • Manage the entire journey from your smartphone.

A happy customer is a returning customer - try Locate2u on your next food delivery


From the moment an order arrives until the time it gets delivered, Locate2u’s food delivery management software helps you to optimise food deliveries to your customers.

Booking tools

Record orders and quickly update their status when food is prepared or out on delivery

Optimized routes

Send food deliveries using the most efficient routes to your customers

Real time tracking

Know exactly where your drivers are with real time updates on their location

Branded location links

Let customers track food deliveries on a map with your company logo

Accurate ETAs

Give customers an estimated time of arrival they can rely on

Better customer experience

Keep customers updated via SMS with order status, tracking links, and proof of delivery.

Give your restaurant or hospitality venue
the competitive edge with Locate2u

  • Easy to use interface
  • Branded displays
  • Lower fees than the larger food delivery services

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