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Use Locate2u’s driver app to track the location of a driver and send them customer bookings so they can update them in real time. 

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Know exactly where your drivers are and what they’re doing

Locate2u makes it easy to track any driver to ensure they are following the best routes and going to where they’re supposed to be. With live GPS tracking, you can receive updated information to see their exact location on a map.

You can also review a driver’s historical data which reveals their speed limit, vehicle location, and route replay. If you want to track your bookings and reduce customer service complaints, Locate2u’s driver app can help to improve your business efficiency.

Track your drivers
anywhere you go

Whether you’re at the office or on-the-go, Locate2u’s mobile app, available on Apple and Android, gives you the ability to manage your drivers anytime, anywhere.

Simply download the app and add your drivers for complete control of your bookings such as adding a booking, changing a route, locating a driver, and much more.

Add a GPS tracker to your vehicle to see the exact speed of your drivers when they’re working for your business.

Benefits of Locate2u’s
booking management

Asset Tracking

Add a GPS tracker to your assets to track its current location, speed, and distance anytime, anywhere

Live Map Tracking

Monitor all your drives, where they are heading, and their vehicle’s speed on a live map updated to the minute

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Capture a signature and photo proof from within the app for real-time PODs


IOS / Android App

Track any driver using an iPhone or Android device

Route Replay

Review any route to ensure compliance form your workforce

Scalable Solutions

Whether you run a small team or large fleet, Locate2u offers custom pricing to meet your needs

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