update delivery status


As your drivers work through the day's program, your team can change the status of each stop and you can set up status changes to occur automatically. As the status changes, you can have SMS triggered to your customers letting them know when you'll arrive.

complete delivery


When the delivery is completed, you can capture proof of delivery in the app via a photo and/or signature.

The driver app also allows you to track the live location of your team, allowing you to see where they are and where they have been throughout the day. As a business owner, this helps in knowing that your team is where they need to be and completing their stops efficiently.

locate2u booking app


If you need more details on your driver's bookings, you can log into our desktop and mobile-friendly web portal. Locate2u's Driver tracking software shows you where your drivers are and all relevant details about their progress, including jobs remaining and any conversations with recipients.

It's easy to use - speak to our team to see a demo tailored for your business.

route phone

Listen to your customers

The driver app helps your team work more efficiently by giving them their fully planned route for the day.

Drivers can easily share their location with customers as they are approaching, so the customer is ready for their arrival.

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You can improve your business’s performance and customer experience by implementing driver tracking software. Tracking your drivers means you know each booking is being carried out successfully and whether they are encountering any delays.

It creates better communication not just between you and your driver, but also your customers. If a customer calls up wanting to know where your driver is, any team member can easily access the driver’s location and provide updates. This reassures customers and establishes trust that can ultimately lead them toward using your services again.

Use the App to record proof of completed jobs

When your drivers finish a job, receive an e-signature and photo proof in the app from any iPhone or Android device. Use Locate2u to keep records of your work orders, enhance on-site services, and improve workflow efficiency.

Notify workers through the app of updated routes

Update your drivers to a new job in the field or location with the best route to their location all within the app. If a destination changes or you need to adjust the delivery program for your team, allow the app to find an optimised route for one or multiple locations and let the driver receive the update through there.

Better Customer Service in The App

Keep your customers worry-free with Locate2u’s live location sharing. Your drivers can send recipients messages through the driver app and share their exact location to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Give your drivers a competitive advantage with Locate2u’s in-app features.

Boasting AI-generated route optimisation, pinpoint location tracking and branded driver markers.

Locate2u’s Driver App helps your team work more efficiently by giving them their fully planned route for the day. Driver’s can also share their live location with customers as they’re approaching, allowing the customer to anticipate their arrival.

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