Tracking your delivery service getting you down? Remove the stress with Locate2u. How? Our fleet management lets you...

  • Efficiently optimise routes in one click
  • Track the live location of your team
  • Share the live location with your customers

So sit back, relax and enjoy all your happy customers.

No More Spreadsheets

No More Spreadsheets

Let's not add to the admin with manual fleet management. Stay organised and meet the demands of your customers effortlessly. Spreadsheets, paper and whiteboards - we don't need you anymore.

No More Distractions

No More Distractions

Gone are the days of calling your drivers and asking for an update. With live locations, you can track your team without distracting then with phone calls. Awesome.

Happy Customer, Happy You

Happy Customer, Happy You

Keep your customers updated by sharing the live location of their delivery. Guess what a happy customer means; repeat orders, great reviews, more referrals. Just watch your business grow!

All in One Place

All in One Place

An all in one platform for all your fleet management needs. PS tracking, route optimisation, booking management, live ETAs, proof of delivery and live location share. One place, no complications. Sorted.

Track Any Asset, Anywhere

We have the GPS Device for you! Track your vehicles, equipment and even freight with ease. Problem solved.

Phone Tracking

Phone Tracking

OBD2 Port Device

OBD2 Port Device

Rugged GPS Hardwired Device

Rugged GPS Hardwired Device

Battery powered Device

Battery powered Device

Locate2u for Everyone!

The perfect solution to all your location needs! We are excellent for, Transport & Logistics, Services & Trades, Product Delivery, Food Delivery, Building & Construction or Personal Use. So are you in need of a tracking solution? We have your back.

Our Customers Love Us Too...

I’m blown away by the effectiveness of the Locate2u devices and the flexibility it affords my business. Also being safe in the knowledge my staff, customer and assets are all connected. The team is also open to developing the product to suit differing needs and use cases - a simple suggestion has now been actioned and multiple people are benefiting! Great job Locate2u team!

Tom Grove

UR Drive

Locate2u Reviews

Great service and very helpful, nothing is a problem to them. I would recommend 👌 them to anyone A+

David Zelton

Courier Exchange

Locate2u Reviews

I trialled Locate2u and it was perfect – I automatically increased customers by about 30% on the first day as they knew where I was. This has meant people aren’t calling and messaging me as much so I have saved around 45 minutes a day – almost a day a week of time!

Aaron Clark

Husk Bakery

Locate2u Reviews

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