Grubhub looks for new customers at hotels without dining facilities

Grubhub has told Pymnts there is a market to capture at hotels, where customers are generally unfamiliar with their surroundings and where to find food.  Speaking to Pymnts, Grubhub’s Adam Herbert says the hospitality industry has identified a need to cater for travelers. “The properties we partner with don’t have on-site dining options, meaning guests […]

Uber predicts new labor law in Australia could force it to close in some areas

Ride-hailing and food delivery apps Uber and Uber Eats are urging the Australian government to cautiously review the impact its proposed Closing Loopholes Bill will have on the industry. In the latest red flag raised by the app, Uber warns that not only would it not be able to afford to keep as many drivers, […]

Last-mile parcel deliveries hit record-high on-time performance 

Nearly three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, last-mile delivery has recorded its best performance since the beginning of this period.  IT company Project44 found that 85% of shipments were delivered on time in August. According to Freight Waves, this is the highest level since the pandemic hit the world.  Shipping performance is […]

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