Booking Management

Make every booking simple and efficient with Locate2u’s booking management tool. Send your drivers the best routes with accurate ETAs and notifications for your customers.

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Booking, tracking, and managing made easy

If you want an end-to-end solution to manage bookings from your customers, Locate2u gives your dispatchers and drivers an effective way to create optimised routes with automatic status updates and live tracking.

Improve your booking capacity while minimising overhead at your business with a booking management tool that automates and optimises your operations.

  • Add bookings automatically via API or upload .CSV from Excel
  • Add multiple bookings with optimised routes
  • Send customers tracking links with predictable ETAs

Instantly dispatch new bookings

Make use of Locate2u’s smart route optimisation so your drivers use the fastest route to every booking. Perfect for last-minute changes or cancellations, you can stay ahead while keeping your business running smoothly.

Give your customers peace of mind by capturing electronic signatures and photo proof when you complete a booking.

Benefits of Locate2u’s
booking management

Automatic Updates

Let your customers know when a driver is on their way, where that driver is located, and what time it will arrive

Branded, White Label Tracking Links

Upload your logo and send your customers a tracking link with a map to your driver’s live location 

Time & Date Stamps

Maintain accurate records for your booking with time and date stamps

Automated Booking System

Use Locate2u’s API to create automatic bookings for your business

Assign Bookings to Drivers

Choose a driver to complete a booking and monitor their progress throughout the entire journey

Live Status Reports

Check the status on any booking to see if its pending, enroute, or arrived

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