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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

What Is Delivery Management Software? The Complete Guide

Locate2u Route optimization
Locate2u Route optimization

If you run a delivery business then you know exactly how difficult it can be to plan routes, manage bookings and know that each order is being carried out successfully. 

There must be an easier way to juggle all these responsibilities, right? 

That’s where this page comes in handy. Delivery management software (DMS) is the perfect solution for keeping your business in check, improving driver performance and meeting customer expectations. 

What is delivery management? 

Let’s first start off with what delivery management is.

Delivery management is the process of ensuring goods are safely and efficiently shipped from one location to another. Delivery management can often be referred to as fleet management or dispatch. 

This type of management answers the question as to how products get from A to B while meeting customer requirements.

With consumer demand seemingly rising, delivery management within an operation has never been more important. 

Courier driver
Courier driver

Who is responsible for delivery management? 

A delivery, dispatch or logistics manager is the person in charge of deliveries and delivery management. 

Delivery managers are usually responsible for overseeing driver operations and local delivery. For small businesses, they are the middle point for communication when it comes to warehouses and drivers making deliveries.

For larger and more complex operations in which orders are processed through software, delivery managers often centre on issues like extended delays in orders. 

Roles and responsibilities of a delivery manager 

Below are some of the roles and responsibilities of a delivery manager:

  • Leading team that helps clients with installation of technology tools, setup and products 
  • Work with stakeholders and end users to establish systems
  • Develop solutions to reach certain objectives
  • Manage the deployment of systems or programs
  • Supervise training programs 
  • Coordinate all involved parties to enable smooth process with less chance of disruption

Why is delivery management important? 

The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially throughout the years, changing consumer behaviour and demand. This has made a significant impact on demand patterns, customer expectations, order fulfilment and delivery turnaround times. 

A way you can maintain customers and enhance your business’ profitability is by automating the entire delivery process. 

Having an efficient delivery management system means you can manage your bookings, optimise driver schedules and meet customer demands. 

That’s where delivery management software comes in. 

What is delivery management software (DMS)? 

Delivery management software (DMS) is a solution that automates the entire delivery process from start to finish. 

Delivery management software is used to help both small and large businesses improve driver performance, optimise delivery routes and meet customer satisfaction. 

By increasing the efficiency of your deliveries, the weight is taken off your shoulders so you can focus on other operation duties within your business. 

Implementing delivery management software within your system means you will no longer have to spend hours manually planning routes and filling out excel spreadsheets. 

Locate2u delivery management software
Locate2u delivery management software

What is delivery management software used for?

In order to keep up with the changing behaviour of customers, businesses have had to adapt with the demand for fast delivery. Delivery management software makes it possible for you to get products out to customers on time every time!

Have you ever received a call from a customer wanting to know the status of their delivery and they got frustrated when you didn’t have the information. That’s what DMS is for! 

Using a reliable delivery management software like Locate2u allows you to have all information in one place. That way you don’t have to chase drivers while they’re on the road for the order’s status. 

Depending on the type of software you opt with, DMS allows you to give customers a voice as they can rate their delivery experience immediately when the order is complete. 

This gives you insight if there were any delays or any issues throughout the delivery. In doing so, you can fix the situation before negative reviews are published online. 

Types of businesses using delivery management software 

DMS works for a range of different businesses including small to midsize businesses, to larger businesses. 

Small and midsize businesses with a small fleet need a solution that automates pickups and delivery dispatch, as well as offering real time tracking. 

Because these businesses are on the smaller side, customer retention is critical. A way to achieve this is by giving them a great delivery experience by arriving on time with their product intact. 

The better your service is the more likely your customers will become repeat customers and spread the word about your business. 

When it comes to larger businesses, more advanced features are needed to give peace of mind that each delivery is being completed efficiently and successfully. 

A DMS with a reliable proof of delivery system will provide evidence on the delivery’s successful completion through digital image and signature confirmation by the customer. 

GPS tracking is great for keeping bigger fleets accountable throughout the day so you can know exactly the location of your drivers and assets, and if they’re completing jobs productively. 

Who do businesses need delivery software system?

No matter the size of a business, it’s crucial to keep delivery operations running as smoothly as possible. In today’s climate of fast deliveries being the new norm, businesses have been searching for ways to adapt to this change and boost their productivity. 

By tracking your deliveries you can reinvent your usual delivery process and give your customers the service they’re after. No more wondering the whereabouts of your drivers and how long until they reach their destination. 

Delivery management software gives you control of your business and extra insight into your drivers and customers. 

The benefits of using delivery management software


Delivery management software gives you access to real-time tracking so you can see the exact location of your drivers. 

Knowing where your drivers are gives you peace of mind that deliveries are being completed safely and efficiently. 

You can also send customers a live tracking link via SMS so they too can monitor the driver until their arrival. This keeps customers informed of the entire process and aware if issues are encountered. 

Enhanced efficiency 

DMS can help improve the overall efficiency of your business with route optimization. 

Route optimization is a solution that builds the most efficient routes for your drivers in just minutes not hours! That way your drivers can complete deliveries faster and even fit in more last minute bookings without disrupting your schedule for the day. 

A DMS like Locate2u can allow you to enter more than 20 bookings into the system and takes into account the availability of your drivers, the number and distance between stops and traffic and weather conditions. 

Improved customer satisfaction

This technology can help you improve your customer service by giving accurate ETAs and live updates of the delivery. 

No one wants to sit around waiting for their delivery without any information on the driver’s whereabouts. 

Delivery management software allows you to keep customers involved in the process, improving their overall experience. This can often result in repeat purchases and positive reviews published online for others to see, boosting your reputation and customer retention. 

Real time tracking
Real time tracking

Why you should skip free delivery management software 

Using free DMS isn’t the most effective way to manage and optimise your deliveries. You can expect to experience more negative outcomes than assumed advantages. 

In most scenarios, when a software is free there are typically features missing that are required to ensure things go smoothly.

Not accessing real-tracking means you won’t be able to see your fleet’s whereabouts, reducing security for your vehicles and assets. You also won’t know if your drivers are completing each booking as efficiently as they could be. 

Using a free solution could also mean an absence of customer support. Should you encounter delays or any problems during the delivery process, not having a team to help can be detrimental to your business. 

If customers are experiencing poor service then they’ll question the reputation of your business and potentially post negative feedback online. 

That’s why investing in a reliable delivery management software like Locate2u with the combination of GPS tracking, route optimization and fleet management, you can take your business to the next level. 

What to consider when selecting delivery management software

When it comes to selecting delivery management software for your business, you want to ensure they’ll meet certain requirements and have the features you want. There’s no use in investing in a software that doesn’t take your operation to the next level!

You should look for whether or not you’ll have access to customer support so you get as much out of the system as possible. 

Another important thing is to see if the software offers regular updates in case new roads are built and improvements are being made. This is vital to ensuring your operations run smoothly. 

Free delivery management software might seem like the more enticing option, however free doesn’t translate to quality or reliability. Free DMS won’t offer regular updates and the same support your business requires to function efficiently. 

A route optimization system that creates the most efficient delivery routes is the best way to save you time and money. You can enter more than 20 stops in a day, along with the ability to enter last minute stops. 

In doing so you can cut down fuel costs while improving driver performance. 

What is proof of delivery software?

Proof of delivery (POD) is the receipt that confirms an item has been successfully delivered. This can include an electronic signature, paper signature or photographic confirmation. 

Proof of delivery is typically used for eCommerce packages, upon completion of a service and food deliveries. 

POD often requires the time of delivery, name, signature of customer, photo evidence and delivery address. 

Such evidence protects the delivery provider and customer against any claims that a service or delivery hasn’t been completed successfully. 

Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery

Challenges faced in last-mile delivery 

Delivery times

One of the biggest challenges of last-mile delivery is getting an item to the customer within the allocated time-frame. Delays can negatively impact a business’ reputation and customer retention, as well as your bottom line. 

Delivery management software such as Locate2u is the solution for building more time-effective routes, maintaining communication and transparency. 

High delivery costs

Last mile delivery is very expensive for businesses and customers. Creating the infrastructure to support fast deliveries can be extremely costly. 

Also, logistics and shipping operations should assign money for additional stops, failed deliveries, labour costs, intricate routes etc. When a delivery fails and is rescheduled costs are doubled! 

Lack of visibility

Visibility throughout the delivery process is crucial to ensuring that drivers are delivering on time and customers can see the exact location of their order. 

Without this customers may get frustrated if they aren’t updated throughout the delivery and the driver encounters extended delays. 

For fleet managers and business owners, not seeing your drivers can create uncertainty of their whereabouts and whether the product has been successfully delivered. 

Outdated delivery technology 

Manually planning routes and using outdated technology is another challenge that makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with last-mile deliveries. There is also minimal help in solving delays and high shipping costs. 

Delivery management software works by automating your entire delivery process so you can meet last-mile objectives and customer expectations. That way you can focus on other areas of your business, enhancing productivity. 

Ways to reduce last mile delivery costs and concerns 

Delivery options

The key to running a successful business is by accommodating the requirements of your customers and adapting to changes in their behaviour. Despite same-day delivery seeming like the most suitable option, it doesn’t always work for customers and it’s very expensive. 

The same goes for standard shipping as customers might not want to wait that length of time for their order to arrive. 

Giving more delivery options like express delivery and the ability to select a specific date and time, is an effective method to meet the needs of customers. 

Route optimization software

Route optimization can build the most efficient routes for your drivers so they can complete deliveries faster. You can also add in ad hoc deliveries that can be placed where they are best suited into the plan. 

Optimising your routes enhances your business’ productivity and saves you hours of manually planning routes. 

Locate2u is a delivery management software that offers a reliable route optimization solution. This software streamlines your entire delivery process so you can throw away the pen and paper and step away from manually planning routes. 

Proof of delivery 

As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, proof of delivery (POD) is the process of obtaining evidence that a delivery has been successfully carried out. Typically a signature, date, time, address and image will act as evidence of the delivery having taken place. 

Proof of delivery reassures both customers and businesses that the product has made it safely to the customer. It’s a handy way to keep track of every completed delivery and should issues occur, your team can access previous records to resolve the error. 

Customer updates 

Customers want to have complete visibility of their order from the moment they purchase till it’s arrived at their doorstep. 

Delivery management software gives users the ability to share live tracking links with their customers. That way they can be updated throughout the entire process and see the driver’s live location. 

In doing so, the customer doesn’t have to plan their day around the delivery and go about their day. This builds trust between you and your customers, whilst giving them the best experience possible. 

Real-time tracking 

Imagine being able to see your fleet throughout the day. Delivery management software offers such visibility through real-time tracking. 

Real-time tracking enables you to give accurate ETAs to customers and give insight of your fleet’s productivity. 

It also improves the security of your vehicles and assets so if a theft occurs, making the recovery process a lot easier. That way you don’t have to purchase new vehicles and waste time filling out insurance claims. 

Live tracking link
Live tracking link

Delivery management software for small businesses

When it comes to small businesses, meeting customer demands and delivering on time is crucial to building up your reputation and drawing in repeat customers. 

Implementing a delivery management software into your system can keep your operations running smoothly while enhancing driver and business performance.

Sharing live tracking links with customers is a great way for them to be involved in the delivery process and let them know exactly when their order will arrive. 

Happy customers ultimately lead to positive reviews published online for others to see, increasing your chances of gaining more customers. 

Features in delivery management software 

Here are some of the features to keep an eye out for when it comes to delivery management systems:

  • Route optimization
  • GPS tracking
  • Driver app
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Electronic proof of delivery (EPOD)
  • API integration
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Customizable logo

    What is the best delivery management software?

    If you’re searching for the best delivery management software to boost your business’ efficiency and meet customer demands, then Locate2u is the solution you need. 

    Locate2u is a field service management solution that can optimise your routes in minutes, track your fleet’s live location and manage your bookings. 

    What makes Locate2u so special is the reliability of the features accessed by users. By automating your delivery process, you can have peace of mind that your drivers are completing orders productively. 

    Whether your business specialises in food delivery, courier services or cleaning, optimising your route planning can save time and money while improving all your delivery operations.

    Find out more about this delivery solution and automate your delivery process today by clicking here!

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