Shipping deadlines for peak season confirmed

It’s crunch time this time of the year, with most businesses full steam approaching the season’s rush. It’s expected to be another unprecedented month as carriers and shippers work on strategies to maximize volume and profit.  To avoid disappointment, parcel carriers have to set deadlines to ensure all customers’ expectations can be met within a […]

Black Friday: A personal message stands out

Millions of consumers are on the hunt for bargains this Black Friday, and receiving just another email in the inbox will no longer do. A Mailchimp survey indicates that 71% of customers are likelier to purchase from companies that send personalized emails.  Shoppers don’t only want bargains; they want the experience aligned with their preferences.  […]

Walmart’s plan to prioritize speedy deliveries this peak season

It’s a race for speedy last-mile delivery in the retail space this month. Walmart plans to have seven new automated market fulfillment centers up and running by Thanksgiving.  It’s also stepping up the delivery game, allowing customers to use Express Delivery and receive parcels as soon as 30 minutes later. Alternatively, customers can choose Late […]

US truck company offers monthly subscriptions for electric trucks

Trucking manufacturer Mack Trucks is offering customers a monthly subscription and a pay-as-you-go mileage program on medium-duty electric trucks. The ElectriFi Subscription may address some concerns that trucking and logistics companies may have about the high cost involved in getting an electric truck fleet off the ground. Mack Trucks also seems to be the only […]

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