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Last-mile delivery: How to excel during the peak season rush

Three logistics companies are transforming last-mile delivery to excel during peak season.
Three logistics companies are transforming last-mile delivery to excel during peak season.

As the peak season approaches, the true heroes of the holidays are the logistics companies ensuring everyone’s holiday deliveries arrive in a timely manner. The cheerfulness is not without chaos; businesses must streamline operations to get through the season unscathed. 

Three logistics companies – Falcon Autotech, Locus, and Transport Corporation of India (TCI) – are combining cutting-edge tech with innovative strategies to fortify their supply chains. 

Festive season logistics hustle

Logistics companies find themselves in a complex balance of efficiency and timing during the peak season. Operations centers are abuzz around the clock, and extended work hours are usually implemented to meet demand. 

In this delicate dance, meticulous planning meets adaptive execution in order to deliver the joy of the season to customers. Here’s how three companies are staying ahead of the competition. 

Falcon Autotech

Falcon redefines warehouse efficiency with tailor-made systems and advanced robotics. As a leader in smart tech, the company keeps the conveyor belts of commerce moving by finding smart solutions to existing problems. 

One example is deploying robots to scale the vertical height of warehouses – a dangerous and labor intensive task. By using robots to climb the racks and automating conveyors, Falcon Autotech is ready for any challenge. 

“Adoption of automatic sorters is high, with a lot of implementations in the last four to five years,” explains Naman Jain, Falcon Autotech CEO. 


Locus focuses on highly personalized post-purchase experiences to keep customers happy. Their solutions are fueled by advanced algorithms – garnering global acclaim – and show how technology can assist in generating profit during the holidays. 

The shopping scene is set to explode ahead of Diwali this month. Locus presents a three-prong strategy: exceeding customer expectations, brand visibility, and real-time communication

Last-mile delivery accounts for over half of shipping costs, so a lapse in customer satisfaction can be damaging. Visibility is a critical factor in customer satisfaction, where real-time updates and transparent communication foster trust, especially during the high-stakes festive season. 

Transport Corporation of India (TCI)

Coming to the party with six decades of experience, the TCI Group relies on its vast network and suite of tech tools to ensure seamless holiday deliveries. 

With a network of warehouses spanning 14 million square feet, they are equipped to deal with the seasonal spike. TCI was also the first to launch several solutions in the logistics field, including:

  • TCI Freight is India’s premier surface transportation provider.
  • TCI Seaways meets coastal and multimodal shipping needs, including bulk cargo. 
  • TCI offers specialized logistics services through TCI Supply Chain Solutions and TCI Chemical Logistics Solutions. 
  • The TCI Institute of Logistics concentrates on industry innovation and tackling significant national logistics challenges.

With a blend of innovation and customer care, these three companies will exceed the seasonal demands. The right mix of human touch and technological prowess can keep the holiday spirit alive, delivering joy and wonder to doorsteps with remarkable efficiency.

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Cheryl has contributed to various international publications, with a fervor for data and technology. She explores the intersection of emerging tech trends with logistics, focusing on how digital innovations are reshaping industries on a global scale. When she's not dissecting the latest developments in AI-driven innovation and digital solutions, Cheryl can be found gaming, kickboxing, or navigating the novel niches of consumer gadgetry.

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