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Black Friday: A personal message stands out

Black Friday: A personal message stands out
Black Friday: A personal message stands out

Millions of consumers are on the hunt for bargains this Black Friday, and receiving just another email in the inbox will no longer do. A Mailchimp survey indicates that 71% of customers are likelier to purchase from companies that send personalized emails. 

Shoppers don’t only want bargains; they want the experience aligned with their preferences. 

These days, most customers sleep next to their smartphones. “Smart use of mobile apps can be a breakthrough for Black Friday campaigns. One interesting solution that stands out is the use of in-app messaging. These messages allow you to engage customers while they are actively using the app, offering them customized offers that align with their in-app activities,” says tech company Synerise. 

“The holiday season is sort of this make-or-break moment for many marketers and businesses,” says Matthew Dernoga, a senior vice president at Edelman. 

Sending out a more focused email will turn more people into customers. The Mailchimp survey found that 87% of customers are likelier to open a marketing email if it’s personalized to a specific individual. At the same time, 71% of customers are more likely to follow through and purchase from a company that also sends them personalized emails.

Product Marketing Specialist Kateryna Tkachuk says: “Personalization is not just a strategy — it’s your ticket to lasting success.”  

A sharp focus on Cyber Monday

E-commerce businesses are counting on Cyber Monday to lead them into the peak season. Adobe Analytics suggests that last year’s Cyber Monday (2022) broke records with $11.3 billion in online spending. That’s an increase of nearly 6% compared to the previous year. 

“Mobile shopping hit new highs, contributing 55% of online sales during Thanksgiving and remaining strong throughout Cyber Week,” reads an Adobe statement

Marketing tips

There are a few things to focus on this peak season, according to Tagshop. 

  • Before: Research your target audience and understand your shortcomings. Study your best-selling products. 
  • During: Create the urgency to buy and leverage impulsive purchases
  • Post: Squeeze some last-minute sales in. Extend offers longer to increase profit.

Not all companies like to participate in the scrum of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, there are notable advantages that should be considered. 

With the help of personalized marketing during the peak season, it can enhance the following.

  • Enhance customer engagement: It helps companies to have a deeper connection with customers.
  • Increase talking points: When customers receive an offer aligned with their interests, they are more likely to convert into a buyer.
  • Customer loyalty: It shows the company values customers. 

As companies brace for the Black Friday madness, it’s important to remember that the peak season can potentially make a significant mark on its profitability.

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