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Delivery Management

Enhancing your business’ productivity can often seem like a daunting task. After all, managing your bookings and creating the most time-effective journey for your driver can be a nightmare! Not only do you have to take into account driver availability, but the number of stops and their locations. This can take up hours of your day. Just imagine what you could do with that extra time. 

There are a few solutions that can save you hours each week, allowing you to add more bookings to your day. Managing your deliveries, optimising your routes and accessing real-time tracking are 3 key factors that will increase the overall productivity of your business. 

1. Manage Your Bookings 

managing your booking

Managing your bookings is the first step to enhancing productivity within your business. If you have a number of deliveries at the same location, it’s best to complete those together rather than letting your drivers go back and forth, ultimately wasting fuel and time.

Locate2u’s booking management system allows you to check on any booking at any time so you can determine whether it’s currently pending, enroute or having just arrived. Such convenience keeps your business operations running smoothly whilst maintaining visibility throughout the delivery process. 

2. Optimise Your Routes 

optimise your route

Imagine there was a tool that could optimise your routes to create efficient journeys for your team members. Well, there is no need to imagine. Having a reliable route optimisation solution can plan your stops in seconds rather than hours, allowing you to spend more time on other business operations. 

Locate2u’s route optimisation solution also allows you to add in last minute bookings without corrupting your schedule for the day. In doing so, you can increase the number of deliveries being completed daily so more money is being made and time being saved. It’s the saving grace for business owners and fleet managers. 

3. Real-Time Tracking 

real-time tracking

Accessing real-time tracking is another way that can help you increase your number of bookings. Real-time tracking gives you the ability to see your team throughout the delivery journey in real time. 

If a driver has completed a delivery and another booking has popped up in the same area, you can add that in! This helps create more opportunities for your business to shine and increase the number of jobs being completed every day. 

GPS Tracking

Increase Your Number Of Bookings With Locate2u

Locate2u is a delivery management software that optimises your routes, mananges your bookings and gives you access to real-time tracking. All these features work toward taking the stress off business owners and fleet managers so they can focus on other areas of business. 

Learn more about how you can enhance your business’ productivity with Locate2u by clicking here. 

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