How Route Optimisation Saves You Time And Money

route optimisation save time and money

Why spend hours manually planning your delivery routes when you can get them done in minutes? Route optimisation software can generate the best possible route for your drivers.

As a business owner, optimising your routes will not only save you hours in planning but also reduce the stress of having to build them manually. Route optimisation eliminates complications and human errors when arranging your bookings.

The Features Of Route Optimisation

Route optimisation allows you to plan dozens of stops in only minutes and modify routes to accommodate any last minute stops.

You can also receive live updates from your drivers, so you can track their whereabouts and have peace of mind knowing they are on the right track. With reliable directions, you can be reassured that your drivers are on the best possible route.

1. Plan Optimised Routes

Manually planning is a time consuming and highly stressful process, however, using Locate2u’s route optimisation saves hours and increases your business’ productivity. This software creates the most efficient routes for your drivers, taking into consideration the capacity of the vehicle, distance between stops, how many drivers are available and the schedule of each driver. It’s not always about the quickest route, but what is most efficient for your drivers.

2. Plan Dozens Of Stops

Route optimisation allows you to import all your stops to the same system at once, so you can plan dozens of stops for the day in minutes. You can now save hours of busy admin work, allowing you to focus on what’s more important for your business.

3. Route Modification

Route modification eliminates the stress of planning last minute orders and is flexible to suit any changes in your schedule. Modifying your routes also allows you to swap or add bookings if there are any errors, or changes in priority.

You can be as productive as possible, even with new orders being added into your schedule. Drivers don’t need to stop and replan the day with each new delivery, as it’s already been put into the best spot.

4. Live Updates

You can easily access live updates from your drivers so you can see where they are during their journey. This is a great way to ensure visibility between you and your team members.

You can trust that they are on the most time-effective route and that they’re working productively. Having the visibility to monitor their moves can help you know that your team is doing their best to deliver on time.

route optimisation live update

Why You Should Invest In Route Optimisation Software

Investing in route optimisation will help improve your business’s efficiency and also improve the delivery experience of your customer. This software cuts the time between deliveries thanks to more efficient routes, helping to reduce fuel waste and hours on the road, which saves your business time and money.

Cutting back on dangerous driving means your vehicles don’t need as much maintenance and repairs, preventing unnecessary time spent at the mechanic.

Optimising your routes will also lead to an improvement in ETA accuracy. This means customers don’t need to plan their day around the delivery. With faster deliveries, customers are guaranteed a better experience.

1. Reduce Fuel Costs

As a business owner, you’re always trying to find ways to reduce costs and save money. Optimising routes means your drivers spend their time on the road more efficiently, which cuts down on excessive fuel costs.

By allowing your driver a more efficient journey, you can ensure that there is less idling in traffic jams, less time wasted going back and forth between jobs, and less drivers taking the scenic route to kill time between jobs.

2. Improve customer service

Businesses are always searching for new ways to improve their customer’s experience. By speeding up the delivery process you offer a greater experience for your customers as they’ll feel like a priority. With route optimisation you can also share the location of your driver to your customers, giving them visibility of their order. This helps to reassure them that it is on it’s way and on the best route.

3. Reduce Vehicle Maintenance

Optimising and reviewing routes help drivers perform better on the road, saving your business money in maintenance. This software allows you to see dangerous driving so that you can train the team members who are driving dangerously to improve their behaviour on the road. This means less wear and tear from bad driving, as well as less expensive and less frequent services, because the vehicle isn’t being pushed to the limit.

4. Improved Driver Satisfaction

Route optimisation makes driver journeys much easier, allowing them to go about their day without complication. Your team members are the driving force of your business and making their job easier is going to increase productivity.

Providing optimised routes means they’ll spend less time planning their own routes and stuck in traffic, and more time completing jobs. Keeping your drivers happy should be one of the most important factors in running your business.

5. Faster Delivery

The increase in online sales and overall change in consumer behaviour has led to a higher demand for faster service. Drivers using the most optimised routes can complete jobs faster and more frequently, allowing them to take on more bookings.

Faster deliveries are more appealing to customers, and increase the likelihood that they will use your services. This increases your business’ productivity and improves your overall performance.

6. Improved ETA’s

Route optimisation software offers live updates and visibility of your team so you can give your customers more accurate ETA’s. Knowing that the driver will be there at a certain time is reassuring to customers, instead of giving them a large window between 7am and 7pm.

Optimising your routes means drivers can get to customers more efficiently on the time allocated. You can also be aware of any delays or issues encountered by the driver that could impact the time of arrival.

route optimisation improved eta

Why Your Business Needs Route Optimisation

Being a business owner is stressful enough, so make your life a little bit easier by incorporating a route optimisation solution.

You can plan dozens of routes in minutes and modify routes to add in last minute stops without major disruptions to your driver’s schedule. With live updates, you can monitor your fleet’s location and have peace of mind that they are on the best route possible. It’s efficiency and flexibility reduces fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, saving your business time and money. Using route optimisation can also help improve the experience of your customers as it improves ETA’s, allowing them to know when their order is arriving.

Click here to see how Locate2u’s route optimisation solution can help improve your business’ efficiency.

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