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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

Route Optimisation Software vs Locate2u
Route Optimisation Software vs Locate2u

GPS Tracking is a fleet management solution that helps improve the safety of your fleet. It can be installed in your vehicles and assets, and you can track and monitor their live location and monitor their status.

This can give you peace of mind as a business owner by making sure your vehicles are where they should be and operations are running smoothly.

The Features Of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices are a great way to ensure your business’ security, efficiency, and productivity.

One of the primary features of this technology is the access to real-time tracking which allows you to monitor your driver’s status from its departure to its arrival.

Others include the ability to track the behavior of your drivers, improve ETA’s and share your driver’s location with your customer.

It’s a great way to improve your business’ performance whilst accommodating customer needs.

1. Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking, you can see the whereabouts of your team to ensure they’re on the right journey. This complete visibility allows you to monitor your fleet’s productivity throughout the day so that you know your team is carrying out their jobs as efficiently as possible.

You can also have confidence in the safety of your vehicles and assets by knowing where they are at all times. This makes theft increasingly harder to get away with as you can detect their current location, making the recovery process a lot easier and quicker.

2. Route Replay

You can access route replay to track where your drivers have been, offering a driver history and timeline. This allows you to see the actual time your team members have spent on site, increasing the accuracy of hours worked on a specific day, and making it easier when filling out timesheets.

If a customer complains about any significant delays or failed services, you can easily see past journeys and retrace your team members’ steps to see exact times and locations. It’s a great way to know whether your team was on the correct route and how efficient they were when carrying out their deliveries or jobs.

3. Driver Behaviour Tracking

Given your drivers represent your brand whilst on the road, real-time tracking allows you to monitor their behavior and productivity. Tracking helps you know what kind of driver behaviors are costing your business money so you can fix the source, and save time and money whilst getting the most out of your business.

Dangerous driving can be very expensive for businesses as it can lead to damaged vehicles, fuel consumption, and fines. Knowing who needs the training to drive better helps you avoid future vehicle expenses and improves your team’s safety on the road as a whole.

4. Improved ETA’s

Having a reliable ETA means customers can plan their day around the delivery and know, down to the minute, when your driver will arrive. This creates a better experience that benefits the reputation of your business.

With GPS tracking, your business can be confident that you are giving an accurate estimated time of arrival based on the location of your driver, enabling visibility for your customers so that they can go about their day.

5. Geofence
A geofence is a virtual perimeter around an actual location. You can customize its shape and size to suit your preference. They can go over job sites, depots, and any area of importance to your business. It’s a great way to measure time spent on site as you’ll get access to start and finish times by arrival.

Rather than estimating hours worked, you’ll get exact times which makes it easier to know how many hours were worked. You can also receive alerts when one of your vehicles or assets enters or exits the area, making it easier to detect the location of your team members and any potential theft attempts.

6. Share Location With Customer

GPS tracking gives you the ability to share the location of your driver with your customer by sending a link to their smartphone. You can share trip status and live location so your customers can be prepared for their arrival. This accounts for a better response time and most importantly, transparency for customers.

Typical deliveries are a waiting game, leaving customers to standby anywhere between 8 am and 8 pm. With GPS, your customers don’t have to waste their day as they’ll be able to see the progression of their delivery on their phones.

Why Your Business Needs GPS

If you’re looking to save money and time, then GPS tracking is the solution you need. Its technology helps you monitor your drivers and their behavior while they’re out on the road, so you can determine fuel waste and labor costs.

This transparency can also help your business save thousands in terms of theft recovery as you can locate any missing vehicles or assets.

1. Cuts Fuel Costs
Fuel costs are a significant expense for businesses with vehicles. The amount of fuel consumed is entirely dependent on the behavior of your drivers.

If they speed or idle consistently it’ll lead to a significant waste of fuel and cause vehicles to be filled up at increasing rates, wasting time and money. GPS monitors the behavior of your fleet so you can see which drivers are contributing most to your fuel bill.

2. Save On Labour Costs
If you’re wondering how to track labor costs accurately then look no further. GPS allows you to see when your team members arrive on site and finish for the day.

It’s common for workers to arrive late and leave a little bit earlier than they should, not to mention taking extra time for lunch. This ensures that your team is accountable for the exact amount of hours they work, eliminating manual timesheets and increasing the productivity of your workers.

3. Theft Recovery
Theft is an all too common issue that many drivers come into contact with, causing severe financial ramifications for businesses.

GPS Tracking helps protect your vehicles from theft and also increases the chance of recovery. Getting your vehicle back saves money that would otherwise be spent on another vehicle, but also saves time from having to complete the insurance claim.

4. Visibility
Knowing the whereabouts of your fleet is essential for the productivity of your business. Customers want to know where their order is and if they call asking for the status of its location, your team members can access and share that information quickly and easily, instead of attempting to contact the driver whilst they’re on the road.

Courier driver
Courier driver

How It Can Help

Being a business owner can be exceedingly stressful, especially when efficiency is compromised. With a tracking solution, you improve visibility for your customers and your team. This gives everyone the confidence that jobs are being completed on time.

1. Peace Of Mind
Having no visibility on the location of your fleet can be dangerous and expensive for your business. It’ll also make you appear unprofessional and unreliable if a customer asks the whereabouts of your driver and you can’t account for them immediately or with confidence.

With tracking you can have peace of mind knowing your team is where they should be. If a vehicle breaks down leaving a team member stranded, you can access their location and send help. You can trust the system in keeping your fleet and assets safe.

2. Improved Communication
Communication is key between you, your team members, and your customers. GPS eliminates the back-and-forth search for information regarding multiple deliveries and keeps everyone updated throughout the day.

Such transparency improves the efficiency and productivity of your business and creates trust between you and your customers as they can find out the location of their order without delay or hassle.

3. Better Customer Service
Customers should always be a priority. If their order is significantly delayed or misplaced they will be less likely to use your services again.

GPS tracking creates visibility for your customers so they’ll know the exact whereabouts of their order, which means they can plan their day around the expected time of arrival.GPS is a great way to improve your business’ security, efficiency, and productivity.

It allows you to save time, cut down on fuel costs, and improve visibility for you, your team members, and your customers. You can be assured peace of mind in knowing where your fleet is at all times, creating a better experience for your customers.

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