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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Choosing The Best Courier Management Service

Choosing The Best Courier Management Service
Choosing The Best Courier Management Service

Choosing The Best Courier Management Service 

Nowadays, incorporating cutting-edge technology is necessary to stay competitive in a society driven by technology and ruthless business models. A reliable courier is essential to improve your business’ productivity when it comes to delivery.

To streamline your primary processes, improve customer support, and keep your daily operation running smoothly, you need an integrated courier management system containing modern logistics software.

This article will give you insight into what a courier management system is, how it can benefit your business, and where to find the best service that accommodates your delivery needs. 

Locate2u Route optimization
Locate2u Route optimization

What is a Courier Management System?

A courier management system coordinates last-mile delivery services, helping simplify route planning and scheduling for deliveries. This system is perfect for businesses wanting to improve their productivity and decrease the stress it would usually take to manage their deliveries. 

GPS tracking, driver dispatching, and real-time routing information to delivery drivers are some features of some platforms. You can manage these types of activities centrally through courier management software. 

Steps in Choosing the Best Courier Management System

  • Security and insurance: A courier service should also have the following qualities. Before deciding on a policy, you should discuss and review the courier’s insurance coverage. 
  • Price: Make sure you understand all the expenses and costs of using a specific courier management system. Just because it’s expensive does not mean it’s good.
  • Specialization: Every business has its requirements. Ensure the Courier service you choose is equipped to handle all your unique needs and specializes in them.
  • Technologies used: You should also be aware of the technologies used by your courier management system. For example, Logistics ERP Software helps provide fast and efficient service to customers.

Benefits of a Courier Management System

Improved Efficiency

Deliveries can be made more efficient and consistent with a quality courier management system. Courier management software allows you to determine complicated, multi-stop routes by considering factors like fleet capacity, driver availability, and number of stops. 

The route planning software eliminates errors that occur when routes are planned manually and ensure drivers arrive at their destinations on time.

Performance Tracking

Performance Courier delivery management software allows you to see the performance of your drivers so you can get to work on what needs improvement. GPS tracking allows businesses to track drivers’ live location so you can see if their drivers are where they need to be, whether they are dangerously driving, or working productively. 

Having all this information makes it easier to evaluate where most expenses are coming from, such as excessive fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear from harsh braking and speeding. 

Lower costs

Auto-dispatch ensures that the correct driver is dispatched at the right time, while route management ensures fuel costs and driver overtime are reduced. 

Furthermore, your dispatch team can respond in real-time to changes in circumstances, which will allow drivers to adapt to new circumstances without adding extra time to their routes.

In addition to reducing human error, automation reduces rework, replacement orders, and fuel costs.

Better customer service

Having real-time tracking increases the accuracy of ETA’s given to customers so that they don’t have to stress if their order will arrive. A recent Zoom2u study shows that 81.2% of customers want to track their orders in real time. This type of visibility improves their overall experience as the nature of delivery has changed with customers wanting their packages to be delivered the next day rather than the next week.

 This technology also helps customers anticipate delays or any other issues during the delivery process. Mistakes happen and knowing the location of your driver will make it easier for you to contact your customer and notify them of the driver’s status

Betting safety of drivers

Drivers can keep their eyes on the road without having to update their routes manually to avoid traffic, road closures, or other obstacles, with automatic rerouting and a live link to the dispatch center.

More control

You can control the entire dispatch and delivery process using a carrier management system. Schedule, assign drivers, plan routes, handle customer service requests, and ensure packages arrive on time and in excellent condition.

Optimizing routes

Using route optimization software is critical for having the most efficient routes built for you so that you can save time and money. Route optimization is software that calculates the most efficient routes for your drivers, depending on a number of factors such as your driver’s schedule and the number of bookings for the day.  It’s all about making deliveries faster, the sooner a parcel is delivered, the higher the customer satisfaction, which will see your business’ reputation grow. 

It Makes Sense

Businesses need to ensure that their delivery services are prepared for the demands of on-demand e-commerce to ensure higher productivity. In an era of fast-moving trends and consumers who don’t have the luxury of spending time in grocery stores, restaurants, or malls, deliveries remain the most feasible solution.

Due to the convenience and overall high demand for delivery, businesses would benefit from hiring a courier management service to help reduce the stress and frustration of planning the most efficient routes, managing bookings, and encountering issues such as customer disputes from issues with deliveries. 

Finding The Most Reliable Route Planner For Your Business
Finding The Most Reliable Route Planner For Your Business


If you’re wanting to improve your business’ efficiency, then Locate2u can help. Locate2u is a quality delivery management system that can help manage your couriers, reduce costs for your business and give your customers the best experience possible. It offers quality route optimization software, GPS tracking, booking management, and proof of delivery. All of these features will help improve your business’ performance and overall customer service. 

If you’re wanting to learn more then click here or request a free demo to learn more.

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