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Contact Free Delivery: How Does It Work?

contact free delivery
contact free delivery

The relationship between businesses and their customers has been permanently altered as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 2019 and 2020, new methods of delivering vital goods became important as distancing measures remained in place. Contact free delivery has quickly become the socially acceptable method of receiving products to homes and offices. But what is no contact delivery? How does contact free delivery work?

Locate2u are here break down the latest delivery method being implemented by delivery companies across the globe, and how delivery without contact may impact your business in 2022.

What Is No Contact Delivery? 

no contact delivery

As the name suggests, no contact delivery involves the delivery of goods to the recipients without a physical exchange taking place. How this occurs varies depending on the industry, but the most common method is for the person delivering the goods to leave them on the recipient’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and then depart.  

The functionality of cash and card payments has significantly decreased. Now, contact free delivery has indicated a vital shift in the nature of transactions. All dealings for any contactless delivery requires a secure digital wallet.  

Contactless delivery has been most effective in the food delivery industry. The pandemic has led to the closure of physical restaurants and the proliferation of online food ordering to subsequently eat at home. Delivery without contact of food eliminates in-person interaction at a restaurant, thus reducing the risk of passing infectious germs. As the effects of the pandemic recede, this type of delivery has remained a practice out of both convenience and habit.  

How Does Contact Free Delivery Work? The Components 

Several key factors make up the contact free delivery meaning. Businesses looking to implement a contact free delivery system must adhere to the following:

Contactless Collection

The first step in the delivery process, contactless collection, removes physical contact between the business and the delivery executives. Kerbside collection and sanitised dispatch zones are the most common forms of minimising face-to-face interaction along the chain. 

Contactless Payment

This type of delivery rests on the ability of the customer to make the transaction entirely online. Even card payments at the time of delivery inhibit the no contact delivery method. Businesses must incorporate a portal online where customers can pay. 

Easy To Use Interface

Having an app or site that is easy to manage for delivery executives is a fundamental part of no contact delivery. An integrated app is the centrepiece for drivers looking to:

  • Navigate to the destination 
  • Contact the recipient or business operator
  • Mark deliveries as completed
  • Get proof of delivery


Tracking delivery executives in real-time is integral to successful no contact delivery. Real-time tracking is part of the digital experience in eCommerce and engages the customer more fully in the process. This software allows customers to see where the delivery executive is on the route to the destination and can effectively manage arrival time. 

No Contact Proof of Delivery 

The final step in the contact free delivery process is attaching proof of delivery to the customer. Leaving parcels and food orders on the front steps is standard procedure; thus, no contact delivery removes the opportunity to receive a signature. New methods of collecting proof of delivery include taking a photo of the goods in their location or customers signing through an app on their phones to indicate they have received the food or package. 

Route Tracking Software

Benefits of Contact Free Delivery 

According to the latest data, Australians are increasing the amount they spend online, with a 36% increase over the previous year. eCommerce has become the preferred method of shopping, and as such, effective delivery methods like contactless delivery add another step in the protection of recipients. Five of the top benefits of this type of delivery:

Safety of Employees and Customers

Owing to the pandemic, customers and employees are equally concerned with avoiding unnecessary contact. By implementing contact free delivery, this prominent matter is handled. Adherence to strict hygienic guidelines and sanitisation procedures in the delivery process by businesses will also create increased trust among customers. Delivery drivers and riders on the front line are granted peace of mind knowing their chances of coming into contact with illness are lowered.

Driving Digital

A crucial part of the contact free delivery experience is the increased dependence on digital contact to handle shifting customer expectations. Increased reliance on digital payments requires technical fluency to be operated effectively, thereby promoting the modernising of your business. Businesses must be ready to deal with the evolving technical requirements to operate globally, and contact free delivery is a sign of the direction the world is heading.

Increased Brand Relationship

Contact free delivery procedure places the business and customer into a new level of relationship. Businesses and customers can interact directly over a digital platform. By ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for the customer in a live conversation, a business will increase its trust and sense of identity with consumers.

Customer Convenience 

Customers base decisions on their schedules and needs. The flexibility of delivery without contact enables customers to do very little to receive their delivery except to be at or nearby the destination. Some businesses understand “how does contact free delivery work?” to mean customers also select their preferred time slots for delivery, which is an even more significant convenience. 

Business Development

The pandemic has shifted customer demands when it comes to delivering their goods. It is less of a feature and more of an expectation that a business offers contact free delivery. Failing to do so shows neglect to the customer or a sign of an outdated business model.

free delivery business development

Challenges of Contact Free Delivery

For those seeking to understand, “how does contact free delivery work?”, the answer to this also involves its limitations. As contact free delivery is a growing business strategy, there will invariably be gaps in its effectiveness in this stage. Examples of challenges presented to business owners include: 

  1. Disputes over whether deliveries have occurred.
  2. Customers are unaware that the delivery has taken place.
  3. Deliveries are left at incorrect addresses or locations.

Mistakes like these are seemingly an easy fix, but repeated occurrences are frustrating to business owners. Prolonged exchanges with customers are laborious, and reattempting delivery damages productivity. 

Repeated instances will also strain the relationship between business owners and customers, which can be further compounded if the business owner cannot provide a prompt resolution. 

Contact free delivery has been one of the most significant changes to business interactions throughout the pandemic. By now, customers expect a seamless and easy experience for their contact free delivery. 

live gps tracking

Locate2u: Solutions for Smooth Contact Free Delivery 

Lcoate2u provides state of the art solutions for businesses looking to understand precisely “how does contact delivery work?”, and the best way to incorporate it into their strategy. With an easy-to-use app, your business takes a vital step in ensuring its growth in the industry. The Locate2u app has several functions that enrich the contact free delivery process. Proof of deliveryreal-time tracking, and booking management are just a sample of the positive features that will make your business’s digital transition an impactful one.

Request a demo online or get in contact with our team today to see the positive change Locate2u will make for your delivery based business.

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