What Is Delivery Management Software Used For?

Delivery Managmenet Software

Why spend hours planning your bookings and creating the most efficient routes for your drivers when you can have them done in seconds? Delivery Management Software is a groundbreaking technology for businesses looking to increase their productivity and save money. Delivery booking software uses include route optimisation, real-time tracking, booking management and proof of delivery.

What Is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery Management Software is a tool used to streamline the delivery process from start to finish. This software is built to help improve business operations by reducing the stress of planning, managing bookings and optimising routes to increase the efficiency of deliveries. It takes the weight off business owners who are no doubt under a lot of pressure trying to manage all aspects of the delivery process and trying to give their customers a seamless experience. 

One of the main benefits of Delivery Management Software is real-time tracking. This allows you to track your drivers in real-time and see that they are working productively throughout the day. Your customers can also have access to this feature via a link so they can have full visibility throughout the delivery journey. 

What Is Delivery Management Software Used For?

To keep up with the changing behaviour of consumers, businesses have to adapt with the fast pace of delivery. Delivery Management Software provides solutions for business owners wanting to improve their customers’ satisfaction and the productivity of their team. 

Delivery Management Software makes the delivery process as simple and seamless as possible. Instead of spending hours manually planning routes for your drivers, you can have them completed in seconds. Simply add your list of stops and the route optimisation engine organises all your deliveries and creates the most efficient routes for your drivers.

Ever received calls from customers wanting to know when their delivery will arrive and then got frustrated when you didn’t have the answer? Delivery Management Software gives you access to your driver’s location all in one place, saving you and your team from having to call around whilst your customer waits. 

A quality Delivery Management Software also allows your customers’ voice to be heard through the ability to rate their delivery experience immediately. Customers can rate their delivery experience and share information through a custom SMS link. You’ll know if there were any complications from the customer immediately, enabling you to respond to the situation before a negative online review is left online. 

The Types Of Businesses Utilising Delivery Management Software

The types of businesses that utilise Delivery Management Software range from small and midsize businesses, to larger businesses. 

Smaller and midsize businesses possessing smaller fleets of drivers require software that offers features such as real-time tracking, automated pickup and delivery dispatch. These types of businesses need this software to not only keep track of each delivery but also the experience of the customer. Whilst all businesses need to ensure their customers are being looked after, it’s smaller businesses whose continued success relies more on meeting demands to keep their customers. 

For large businesses, more advanced features are required to ensure every delivery is carried out smoothly. This includes having a software that offers a reliable proof of delivery system which allows customers to digitally sign. GPS tracking is another feature that is great to keep bigger fleets accountable when they’re on the job. Accessing route replay is a great way to minimise complications such as missing or lost parcels, even team members using vehicles for personal use. 

Route optimisation is another feature valuable for larger businesses wanting to reduce the hours spent planning routes for drivers. Business owners don’t have time to manually plan every single route for their team members, so using this type of software helps get the job done in seconds. Route optimisation takes into consideration the quantity of bookings and availability of drivers in order to create the most time-effective journey. 

Why Do Businesses Need A Delivery Software System?

Knowing what is Delivery Management Software is one thing, knowing why businesses need it is another. 

Businesses need a Delivery Management Software system to keep all delivery operations running smoothly. Today’s delivery standards have changed dramatically in the past few years, with the pandemic only adding to the increasing demand. Organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and customer service. 

Tracking deliveries allows business owners to reinvent their usual process and ensure consumers are given quality service. No more wondering where your drivers are, how long before they reach their destination or even how your customers felt about the delivery. Delivery Management Software gives businesses an extra sense of control and insight of your drivers and customers. 

Benefits Of Delivery Booking Software

Improved Efficiency 

Delivery Booking Software uses involve improved efficiency as a result of route optimisation. Route optimisation reduces the stress and hours it normally takes to manually build routes for your drivers. This improves the efficiency of your business as it takes into account the availability of your drivers and number of bookings to create the most efficient routes. 


Adding in last minute deliveries doesn’t have to be a stressful process that disrupts the rest of your schedule. Delivery Booking Software offers you the flexibility to add in bookings whenever they come about, increasing the number of deliveries for your driver. 


Delivery Booking Software offers real-time tracking so you can see the location of your team throughout the day. This level of visibility gives you peace of mind that deliveries are being carried productively. It also makes it easier if a customer calls wanting to know the whereabouts of their delivery, you can simply look up the driver’s whereabouts. 

Improved Customer Experience 

Improving your customer service can be achieved by using Delivery Management Software. This technology allows you to send customers a live tracking link, giving them an accurate ETA for their delivery. No more large time windows anywhere from 7am to 7pm. Having your customers involved in the delivery process is a great way to improve their experience, resulting in future use of your services. 

Manage Your Bookings With Locate2u

Locate2u is the reliable Delivery Management Software your business needs!

Locate2u is the perfect tool to manage your deliveries, taking care of route optimisation in seconds rather than hours. Want to keep your customers updated throughout the journey? Send them a tracking link via SMS and they can see your driver’s live location. Locate2u allows you to capture proof of delivery so you and your customer can have peace of mind that the delivery was completed successfully. 

Locate2u works with businesses across the globe, from couriers to furniture, retail and restaurant delivery. It’s an all-in-one app perfect for 1 vehicle or 1000.

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