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Delivery management software makes a business owner’s life a lot easier by ensuring smoother, more organised deliveries. This software helps business operations by reducing the stress of planning and managing bookings, and offering optimised routes for more efficient and cost effective deliveries. Real-time tracking is another feature that allows you to track your fleet in real-time and ensure they are being as productive as possible.

When it comes to free delivery management software, it is simply a case of being too good to be true. Whilst saving money is important for businesses, investing in the right tools is a better strategy to improving your business operations and will help you save more money in the long run. There is a significant difference between free delivery management software and delivery management softwares like Locate2u. Don’t be fooled into the cheaper option. Spending money in this matter will actually save your business more money and time. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s have a look at how free delivery management software differs from Locate2u and what your business can benefit more from. 

delivery management software

Why Is It Important To Use Delivery Management Software 

Delivery management software is essential for businesses wanting to improve their fleet’s performance, and save time and money. There are a number of challenges that come with delivery management such as navigating busy periods, finding the best routes for your drivers, and giving the best service to your customers. Such multitasking can be stressful and even impact the way your business is run. Human error is also another factor that could impact the productivity of your deliveries. Delivery Management software avoids the common mistakes made, and reduces frustration for business owners. 

Installing delivery management software will make it easier to manage your drivers and guarantee faster deliveries. You can assign them stops based on how many bookings you have for the day, total stops, starting location, number of drivers and type of vehicle. This will keep your bookings efficiently organised, making deliveries easier and quicker so more can be successfully completed. 

By using delivery management software you can access information about your fleet’s performance and see what needs to be improved. With real-time tracking you can see whether your team members could be more efficient on the road, or making unnecessary stops, you’ll know exactly where they’ve been. This will help in reducing fuel costs and give you peace of mind that wherever your fleet goes, you’ll have access to their location in real-time at all times. 

 This software is also great for the experience of your customers. If there are delays or any issues surrounding the delivery, delivery management software will have all the information in one place. No wasting time attempting to reach your drivers whilst they’re on the road to determine how long long before they arrive This improves their experience and establishes trust between you and your customer, boosting your business’ reputation. 

Whilst you may be looking for a free delivery management service it’s best to go with a paid service, that way you can be assured of the product’s quality and avoid missing out on any important features. It’s important to do your research and preferably avoid delivery management software free download. 

things to consider in selecting delivery management software

What To Consider When Selecting Delivery Management Software

When considering selecting a delivery management software you should look to see whether they have the features that’ll meet you and your business needs. Also whether you’ll have access to support so you can get as much out of the system as possible is another important factor you should consider. It’s also important to look for whether the software offers updates to keep up with improvements and new roads being built. This is integral for helping you run your business even more smoothly. 

Free delivery management software is free for a reason. It doesn’t offer the same support and constant updates your business needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Most importantly, it won’t work entirely the way you need, making a paid delivery management software like Locate2u, the better option.

Finding a route optimisation system that builds the quickest, most efficient routes in seconds is a great way to save you time. With a system like this, you can enter dozens of bookings in a day, with the ability to enter any last minute stops without disrupting your driver’s schedule. This reduces your fuel consumption and improves your fleet’s overall performance.

Another feature is real-time tracking, which allows you to track your fleet’s whereabouts in real-time. Knowing how far along your team members are on their journey is important in determining ETA’s and improving customer service. You don’t ever have to wonder about the location of your fleet, giving you peace of mind that they’re on the right track. 

Delivery management software also offers customer tracking, so they can see where their package is and how long it will take to arrive. This visibility improves their overall experience as they won’t spend hours wondering when their delivery will arrive. 

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Why You Should Skip Free Delivery Management Software 

Installing a free delivery management software will only carry out more negative outcomes rather than assumed benefits. Usually when software/a tool/something like that is free, there is something missing. In regards to delivery management software, there could be important features missing that could end up hurting the productivity of your business. If you can’t access real-time tracking then you won’t be able to see your fleet’s location throughout the day and have access to see how you can improve their performance.

Making sure your customers are receiving the best experience possible is critical for them to continue using your services in the future. Using free software could mean a lack of customer support. If they’re encountering delays and witnessessing your team being unorganised, they’ll question how professional your business is. This could potentially harm your business. 

Unless you’re looking for quality and reliable software then steer clear of clicking buttons called delivery management software free download. 

best delivery management software

The Best Delivery Management Software On The Market 

If you’ve been looking for the best delivery management software available, then you’re in the right place!

Instead of searching ‘delivery service software free’, have a look at what Locate2u can offer you.

Locate2u is a delivery and field service management software that allows you to optimise your routes, manage your bookings and track your team members. It’s the perfect solution for businesses, big and small, wanting to better their performance. 

What separates Locate2u from other delivery softwares, especially free softwares, is the features offered to businesses. If you’re tired of spending hours planning the most efficient routes for your drivers, then Locate2u’s route optimisation will create dozens of stops in seconds. These stops will be optimised based on the availability of your drivers, and how many bookings you have for that particular day. By using the most optimised routes, your business can reduce fuel consumption, and increase the amount of jobs completed per day, saving money and time. It also improves ETA’s for your customers so they don’t have to deal with large time windows from anywhere between 7am to 7pm. 

Locate2u’s booking management system can help you store all your bookings in one location. This means you can keep track of which bookings are pending, enroute or have arrived. You can see the progress of your team members throughout their delivery journey. This is the perfect way to manage your deliveries, whilst maintaining visibility throughout the delivery. 

If this sounds like what your business needs then don’t hesitate to contact us here, get a free quote or even book a demo. We’re more than happy to help!

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