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How do I choose a delivery management software?

choosing delivery management software

Do you run a delivery operation and are wondering ‘how do I choose a delivery management software?’

There are several factors that need to be taken into account before selecting a solution. You need to consider the requirements of your business and do adequate research before reaching a decision.

Check out this article to figure out what to look for in a delivery management software and which solution would best suit your business.

What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software, also referred to as DMS, is an innovative solution used by businesses to automate the entire delivery process. DMS offers optimized routes, improved customer service and driver performance.

Both small and large business operations can benefit from delivery management software as it eliminates the hours often spent manually planning routes and filling out spreadsheets. In doing so, allowing you to focus on other areas within your business that needs improving.

If you’re wanting to simplify the delivery process and ultimately grow your business then a reliable delivery management solution is key.

Businesses that need delivery management software

DMS works for small, midsize and large businesses.

Small and midsize delivery businesses with a relatively small fleet requires a solution that automates delivery dispatch and pickups, while offering real time tracking.

Customer retention is crucial for smaller businesses and can be achieved by providing accurate ETAs and delivering on time.

Achieving customer satisfaction will likely lead to repeat customers that can spread the word about your business.

Larger businesses require more advanced features to provide reassurance that every delivery is being completed successfully and efficiently.

A reliable proof of delivery system confirms a delivery’s completion with digital image and signature confirmation.

Service businesses like electrical and plumbing companies can also benefit from a reliable delivery management tool. Say one of your technicians is on the road and they encounter several delays. Your customer is going to want to know the whereabouts of the driver and when they’ll arrive.

With delivery management software you can share a live tracking link with customers so they can see where the driver is and receive an accurate ETA. Providing customers with such visibility is guaranteed to improve their experience and result in a repeat use of your services.

How much does delivery software cost?

There are multiple factors that influence the cost of delivery management systems.

The types of delivery vehicles an operation uses will influence how much DMS will cost. Vans, trucks, motorbikes and cars will usually be priced the same. Consequently, larger vehicles that go outside the grid and need a satellite as a phone reception will be costlier.

The features a software provides will increase expenses. Not every solution offers route optimization, proof of delivery, GPS tracking, however, they are essential to boosting the efficiency of your business. The more deliveries completed the more revenue your business receives.

A delivery management software will cost on average anywhere between $3500 – $6500 per year for a fleet of 10 vehicles or $35 a month per company vehicle.

What to look for in a delivery management software

When choosing a delivery management system, you’ll want to ensure they meet business requirements and provide the features you want. Transforming your business starts by opting for the DMS that reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency.

You should look to see if you’ll have access to quality customer support so if an issue arises, it can be easily resolved.

Regular product updates are essential in seeing that improvements are constantly being made so your operations can run seamlessly.

Free delivery management software might seem like the way to go, however free doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Free DMS is unlikely to offer constant product updates and proactive customer support, all of which your business needs to grow.

What is best delivery management software?

If you’re wondering what is the right delivery management software to manage delivery operations, it all depends on the needs of your business.

Locate2u is a DMS that offers route optimization, proof of delivery, real time tracking and more! All of which can help to meet customer expectations and keep up with the challenges of delivery.

Manual route planning and pen and paper are of the past! Start streamlining all your delivery operations today with Locate2u.

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