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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

How To Improve Delivery Efficiency 

Improve Delivery Efficiency
Improve Delivery Efficiency

If you own a delivery based business, you know the struggle to keep up with customer demands, as well as maintaining efficiency when carrying out deliveries. You’ll be pleased to know there is a solution that can take away the stress of the delivery process; Delivery Management Software. 

Locate2u is a reliable delivery management software that optimises routes, provides real-time tracking, arranges your bookings and offers a quality proof of delivery system

This article will highlight how to improve delivery efficiency and why Locate2u could be the perfect solution for your business.

importance of efficient delivery for business

Importance Of Efficiency In Delivery Based Business

The nature of delivery has changed over the years, and only accelerated by the continuing pandemic. Consumers now aren’t willing to wait days or weeks for their package to arrive. Standard delivery just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

In order to combat this demand, businesses are having to adapt. Delivery management software is the solution for businesses wanting to know how to improve delivery efficiency. But what is this software and how does it actually help? 

Delivery Management Software has become increasingly valuable to delivery based operations because of its ability to optimise routes, provide real-time tracking and proof of delivery. These are a few of the many features this software can offer, it just depends on the software you decide to go with. Boosting your team’s productivity, adding more bookings to your list and improving customer service are all results from using this technology. 

Below will expand on the key features most delivery softwares offer and how they’ll increase delivery efficiency. 

Improving delivery efficiency

How To Improve Delivery Efficiency 

There are several key steps that you need to take on board to improve delivery efficiency. These include planning, having access to real-time tracking, managing your bookings, tracking driver performance and communication with customers. There is a solution that can help balance all of these steps to increase productivity. Delivery Management Software. 

Manually planning time-effective journeys for your drivers can be frustrating and time-consuming. There is a lot to take into account, such as the availability of your drivers, and the number of stops and their locations. Not to mention the presence of human error that can increase the amount of time you spend planning. Delivery software takes the stress away by optimising your routes in seconds instead of hours, increasing your business’ efficiency. Having your drivers on the best route will translate to faster deliveries, keeping your customers happy. 

This software also allows you to review your routes to improve the performance of your drivers, minimising the need for vehicle maintenance. Route optimisations allows you to see dangerous driving so you can know which team member needs additional training to improve their behaviour on the road. This results in less wear and tear from poor driving and maintenance expenses, keeping your drivers fulfilling bookings and out of the mechanics. 

Another way to improve your delivery efficiency is by having access to real-time tracking. Say a customer calls up wanting to know the location of their delivery. Without real-time tracking, all you can do is attempt to call your driver whilst they’re on the road. This is highly inefficient and leads to poor customer service. Knowing the location of your team in real-time means you don’t have to call around in an attempt to find the correct information. It’s all there in one place. 

Ever wished you could read your customer’s mind to know how they felt about their service? Customer feedback is the gift that keeps on giving. Allowing your customers to provide feedback on their delivery is a crucial way to know where improvements can be made. You gain insight as to whether they experienced extended delays, missing or damaged packages or overall bad service from the driver. This helps you know where to start making improvements so that these errors don’t continue to occur.

obstacles impeding efficient delivery

Obstacles Impeding Efficient Deliveries 

One of the main obstacles impeding efficient deliveries is manual route planning. You have to take into account, driver availability, vehicle capacity, drop-off and pick-up points, the type of package, when they need to be delivered and if they have been prioritised. This sounds like a lot to manage because it is. Taking into consideration all these factors is severely time-consuming and stressful for business owners. Not to mention last minute bookings which can disrupt your schedule for the day. 

Another obstacle is the use of outdated technology. Just because it can get the job done, doesn’t mean it’s an efficient method. If you’re using outdated software to optimise your routes, then you can expect more errors to occur and the length of time to create journeys to be longer than that of the latest technology. Yes, sometimes new doesn’t always translate to effective, so doing your research to find the most efficient software is the way to go. If you’re wanting to keep your business on par with other competitors, using effective technology can help you reach the top of your game. 

Also, how you prioritise your delivery impacts your efficiency. Take for example, if you deliver a large package early in the day, it leaves room in the vehicle to fit smaller pickups. However, delivering items as they come and go could create an inefficient system where you might miss potential bookings and revenue. It’s best to consider what you’re prioritising, to further increase your delivery efficiency. 

Route Tracking Software

Why Do Businesses Need Software To Improve Delivery Efficiency

Knowing how to improve delivery efficiency all comes back to using a reliable and quality delivery management software. It’s the option that allows you to keep on top of your business’ operations, allowing you to keep organised and improve your team’s performance. 

Route optimisation is a feature of this software that, as mentioned earlier, takes into account the availability of your drivers and number of bookings to create the most efficient routes. Why manually plan your routes when you can have them done for you in seconds? Because your driver is on the most time-effective journey, they’ll arrive at their destinations faster, allowing you to fit in more stops.

Another reason businesses require this software is to have access to real-time tracking. Tracking your driver’s location in real-time allows you to know they are completing deliveries productively. If a driver’s performance isn’t up to scratch you can detect the team member and train them to improve their behaviour on the road.

If businesses want to improve their delivery efficiency, then delivery management software is the solution. 

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Maximise Your Efficiency

Delivery Management Software is a robust and effective solution for businesses who want to increase productivity, but are struggling to keep up with constantly changing consumer trends.

Locate2u’s Delivery Management Software can help you achieve these goals, while also saving your business time and money. Locate2u helps build routes in seconds not hours, lets you see your driver’s location at all times, and helps arrange your bookings.  

Click here to learn more about how Locate2u can help your business achieve maximum efficiency.

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Founder and CEO at Zoom2u & Locate2u (ASX:Z2U). Steve has significant software development and entrepreneurial experience. Operating in the delivery space for more than 15-years, he actively contributes to the development of the industry. He has a strong focus on job management and job despatch systems.

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