With 2023 just around the corner, you’re probably wondering how to prepare your delivery business for the New Year.

There are so many ways in which you can transform your business such as offering more delivery options, trying new marketing strategies, measuring K.P.Is, introducing route optimization, and more.

This article will cover these strategies so you can gain better insight as to how you can improve your business and be ready for 2023.

Strategies to prepare your delivery business for 2023

Offer more delivery options

Customers want their items delivered yesterday! Waiting a few days or weeks just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why it’s important to be able to provide customers with more delivery options to suit their requirements.

Offering same-day and 3-hour delivery services will enable you to keep customers happy and possibly draw in future customers.

Completing deliveries within a same-day time frame might seem like an impossible task. However, you can give customers these options by integrating delivery management software like Locate2u to help organize bookings so you can give customers more delivery options.

Try new marketing strategies

When it comes to marketing it’s all trial and error before obtaining the result you want.

A way you can draw customers in is my offering promotions in anticipation of dropping sales and holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, etc. You can create deals via targeted email marketing campaigns sent to customers, customized landing pages, and social media promotions.

Platforms such as Sendinblue and Hubspot are easy to use so you can automate your social media posts and email campaigns.

You should also check out what your competitors are doing so you can keep prices competitive and remain one step ahead. Making your business the better option.

Measure K.P.Is

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a performance measurement that enables you to see whether your team is completing set goals. This is a great way to see if team members are operating as productively as possible.

Metrics that include the percentage of orders, lead time, stock rotation, enhancing order efficiency, On Time In Full (OTIF) and the number of shipments is key for securing success for your delivery services.

Monitoring K.P.Is provides you with data that highlights where errors and spending are located. Being aware of what needs improving gives you the opportunity to enhance your delivery business’ performance.

Demand forecasting

In order to properly manage your delivery business or if you’re wanting to start one then demand forecasting is crucial.

Demand forecasting is the process of anticipating future customer demand and expectations by using historical data and other information. That way you can see your business’ potential in the market and make accurate decisions surrounding costs and strategies.

Not having demand forecasting can result in your business making poor decisions in regard to target markets and goods. All of which can have a negative influence on your inventory, supply chain management, customer experience, and profits.

Route optimization

If you’re still spending hours manually planning delivery routes then stop right there! Using route optimization software builds the most efficient delivery routes at the drop of a hat.

Opting for a more automated experience is what’s going to help your delivery business reach new heights in the new year. No more having to take into account the number of stops, driver schedules, traffic and weather conditions, vehicle types, etc.

Route optimization does that for you!

Placing your drivers on the most efficient routes will result in faster deliveries so you can carry out more bookings. You can even pop in last-minute deliveries, adding to the profitability of your business.

Another benefit of using a route optimization solution is reduced fuel consumption. The price of fuel these days is nothing to joke about which is why drivers spending less time on the road will result in less fuel being used. This minimizes costs so your business can save time and money!

Provide customers with real-time tracking

Customers want to see exactly where their item is from start to finish so they can anticipate the driver’s arrival. Failing to provide real-time tracking means you’re ultimately leaving customers in the dark with unreliable ETAs and a less-than-satisfactory delivery experience.

Not keeping customers updated throughout the process is also a sign that your business isn’t as innovative as competitors and jeopardizes your customer retention and business reputation.

Sending a live tracking link to your customers gives them unprecedented visibility of the delivery process. This enables them to receive updates so they know exactly when their package will arrive. 

New Year fireworks
New Year fireworks

Start the New Year with Locate2u

Start the year the best way you can by integrating Locate2u within your system! Have your routes optimized, bookings managed all the while accessing real-time tracking and proof of delivery. All of which can help enhance your business’ operational efficiency.

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