How To Reduce Fuel Costs

reducing fuel cost

It’s no secret that in today’s climate, fuel prices have skyrocketed to an unprecedented level. Drivers across the globe are dreading the moment they must refill their vehicle. This has been especially harsh on delivery businesses that are trying to save money where they can, while enhancing their operational efficiency. 

Finding strategies to reduce fuel costs for your fleet has never been more important, so we’ve composed a list of tips to help you stay on track and get saving! 

1. Plan Efficient Routes 

plan efficient route

Planning efficient routes for your fleet is one of the most effective ways to reduce fuel consumption. With that in mind, it can be a time consuming process in which you must take into account driver availability, the number of bookings, and vehicle capacity. Having a route optimisation solution that does this for you in a matter of seconds, will help your drivers spend less time on the road and complete more deliveries. 

2. Monitor Driver Behaviour 

monitor drivers behaviour

Seeing what your driver is up to and their behaviour whilst carrying out deliveries can offer better insight into how fuel is being consumed. If they are excessively idling, driving dangerously and exceeding the speed limit, this can eat up a majority of fuel and increase how often team members refill their vehicle. Monitoring your team on the road with real-time tracking is a game changer that allows you to identify who needs additional training and who is using the most fuel throughout the day. 

3. Regular Vehicle Maintenance 

regular vehicle maintenance

Preventative vehicle maintenance will keep your team members completing bookings whilst preserving fuel efficiency. Regularly changing oils and maintaining appropriate tyre pressure are two of the many components that contribute to less fuel being consumed. 

4. Reduce A/C Usage 

reduce ac usage

Often using the A/C to cool down your vehicle will decrease its fuel efficiency. Using it sparingly and only when needed will help minimise the amount of fuel you use per journey.  Instead of using it to circulate the air, consider rolling down your window providing it isn’t raining or too hot. Obviously using the A/C is a must during Aussie summers so you don’t burn your hand on the steering wheel! 

5. Choose The Right Vehicle 

choosing right vehicle

Whether you own one vehicle or an entire fleet, there are a few things that go into the cost of ownership. These include maintenance, fuel usage, insurance, repairs etc. Finding the right vehicle that offers long-term benefits such as less fuel consumption can push your business toward saving more money that can be used for other operational requirements.  

6. Research Where To Find The Cheapest Fuel

research cheap fuel

It pays to do your research, so comparing fuel costs at other stations is the best way to reduce spending and save money for your business. We all hate the feeling that comes with refilling our vehicles  only to drive past a petrol station with lower prices. Being prepared will eliminate this frustration and could end up saving you thousands. 

cutting down fuel cost with locate2u

Cut Down Fuel Costs With Locate2u

Locate2u is an all-in-one platform that optimises your routes and gives you access to real-time tracking. This solution allows you to track your drivers’ behaviour so you can identify any dangerous driving, excessive idling and speeding, all of which contribute significantly to how much you’re spending on fuel. 

Click here for a demo and learn how Locate2u can help your business reduce fuel expenses. 

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