Back in December 2021, we acquired a company called Local Delivery. Local Delivery is an app designed for ecommerce sites using Shopify. It allows you to set up your ecommerce or retail store so you can deliver to your customers faster.

Setting up same day delivery, 3hr, 1hr or even 15 minute delivery is a bit more complicated than setting up next day delivery. This is because the areas and volume you are going to deliver in 15 minutes, 1hr or next day are very different.

For example, if you’re doing 1hr delivery you would likely set up a radius of 1-5 kms from your retail store. Any longer than this and you would likely fail on your delivery promise.

Map: 5km radius
Map: 5km radius

Local Delivery allows you to set up these rules, so on check out customers can see the delivery options that are available to their location.

Local Delivery works alongside Locate2u, so once you receive those orders they can be sent automatically into Locate2u for routing. 

You can watch this video below on exactly how Local Delivery works. 

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