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New York to establish US’ first sustainable delivery department

New York to establish US’ first sustainable delivery department
New York to establish US’ first sustainable delivery department
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New York mayor Eric Adams has announced his administration is in talks with New York City to establish a department of sustainable delivery in his State of the City Address

The mayor’s administration previously banned the sale of uncertified e-vehicles and refurbished batteries. 

This is a first-of-its-kind regulatory body in the US that will establish guidelines for delivery. “[But with the department of sustainable delivery, we will be able to do much more, including educating riders and enforcing safety standards for lithium-ion batteries. New Yorkers must know that their city is looking out for them because traffic safety is public safety,” he says. 

Reduce carbon footprint with sustainable delivery 

The department will build on work it has already done on the dangers of lithium-ion batteries. “We will combine work that is now spread over multiple agencies, establishing goals and guidelines on everything from traffic safety to corporate accountability — all while cutting down our city’s carbon footprint,” says Adams. 

Meanwhile, it’s not just the New York authorities that are looking at sustainable delivery. Governments and businesses around the world are implementing sustainability projects or business initiatives to ensure a sustainable environment. In December 2023, Zurich revamped its roads to attract more e-bikes

Zoomo, one of the world’s largest bike retail companies, sells and hires e-bike fleets. The company’s co-founder, Michael Johnson, says the future of delivery is light electric vehicles. The company also entered into an agreement with Uber Eats last year to allow easy accessibility to light electric vehicles for its drivers in London. 

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Companies developing technology for delivery

Markets and Markets defines a connected e-bike as “intelligent and omniscient bikes capable of communicating key data on their conditions and us.” The report further adds that companies are now coming forward to develop technologies to support e-bike customers. 

The report adds the e-bikes market is expected to increase in the second half of 2024. The growth is due to the popular use of e-bikes for commuting and leisure.  

Benefits of using an e-bike for delivery 

Lower cost: E-bikes allow delivery companies to save costs on running delivery vehicles. Fuel costs can be high, but e-bikes offer a lower-cost alternative. Imagine you are a courier company using petrol-powered delivery vans. You can cut costs on maintenance and fuel by switching to an e-bike. 

Avoid traffic and ease of parking: E-bikes have access to bicycle lanes and pathways, allowing a delivery driver to avoid traffic on roads, especially during peak traffic. E-bikes don’t need large parking spaces. This allows a driver to park in various locations without struggling to find a parking spot. 

Zero emissions: E-bikes have no emissions as opposed to a fuel-powered delivery van. 

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