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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Route Optimisation For Electrician Companies

route optimisation for electrician industies
route optimisation for electrician industies

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is satisfying their customers. Happy customers are repeat customers! When it comes to electrician companies, arriving on time at the right destination is crucial for ensuring great customer service. No one wants to wait around for hours in anticipation. Having accurate ETA’s for your customers can be made possible by using a route optimisation software. Route optimisation can help reduce hours spent on manually planning routes and end up saving your business money whilst improving its performance. 

What is Route Optimisation?

Route optimisation is the calculation that finds the most efficient routes for your team members. This software takes into consideration the location of stops, how many stops, time window for deliveries and how many drivers are available. Prior to this software, business owners would have to manually plan routes, a frustrating process that often took hours to schedule multiple trips. Planning the most cost-effective routes would also be disrupted by human error and not have the capability to add in any last minute bookings for the day without throwing off the entire schedule. 

locate2u route optimisation software

How Route Optimisation Helps Electrician Companies

Improved ETA’s

Route optimisation improves the accuracy of ETA’s for customers, allowing customers to anticipate the arrival of their electrician. Having a large time window anywhere from 7am to 7pm can be terribly frustrating for customers who have to plan their day surrounding their electrician’s arrival. Having your team members show up around the ETA is a great way to improve your business’ reputation and accumulate repeat customers. 

Reduce Costs 

By optimising your routes, you can help your business save money and cut down on excessive fuel costs. Giving your drivers a more efficient journey will tend to lead to less idling in traffic and less time wasted travelling back and forth between destinations. This is because route optimisation takes into account the locations of each stop to better accommodate your driver and save as much time as possible. 

Improved Customer Service

Businesses are always striving to find new ways of bettering their customers’ experience. With route optimisation, your electricians can be on the road and at their destination within no time! You can also share the location of your driver with your customers, establishing visibility that gives them peace of mind of when their service will be arriving. 

Live Updates

With route optimisation, you’ll have access to live updates from your electricians so you can determine their whereabouts throughout their journey. This ensures visibility between you and your team members, making it easier to see whether they are the most time-effective route. It also helps if your team member is experiencing delays that impact their arrival time. You can easily notify your customer of the delay so they are well informed.

locate2u route optimisation live update

Locate2u’s Route Optimisation 

Locate2u’s route optimisation software is perfect for businesses, including electrician companies, wanting to improve their overall performance. Using Locate2u’s route optimising technology will help create accurate ETA’s for your customers, allowing them to know when their electrician will arrive to do the job. 

You’ll also have access to live updates which gives you unprecedented visibility of where your drivers are and if they are working productively. 

Locate2u’s route optimisation will create the most cost and time effective routes that’ll reduce fuel consumption and increase your teams’ overall productivity.

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